Is Arthritis a Disability?

Is Arthritis a Disability?

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention has reported that nearly 60 million adults in the United States suffer from a form of arthritis! Many Americans share the inevitable pains and limitations that come from the disorder.

Is arthritis a disability in the eyes of the law is a question that is asked often. The truth of the matter is that arthritis is a disability! Read more to learn how this affects you and how you can use this classification to receive accommodations and financial aid.

Why Arthritis Is Considered a Disability

Arthritis relates to the swelling and discomfort of joints in the body. According to the National Institute of Arthritis and Musculoskeletal and Skin Diseases, the term arthritis “literally means joint inflammation.”

Arthritis affects many different areas of the body including wrists, hips, knees, ankles, elbows, fingers, and shoulders.

Rheumatic arthritis and osteoarthritis are the two core types of the disorder. There are more than 100 specific forms of the condition.

Arthritis and its long-term symptoms can cause not only a large degree of pain but immobility. Certain forms of arthritis, over time, can severely limit a person’s movement.

When a condition or disorder impacts one’s mobility and ability to accomplish daily tasks, doctors can determine that the said individual has a disability. Fortunately, a majority of conditions that limit a person’s quality of life are recognized legally as disabilities.

Interestingly, arthritis is one of the most common disabilities in the country.

What Does This Mean for Individuals with Arthritis?

Working with arthritis can be very taxing. Fortunately, if one is transparent and truthful about his/her condition, some employers will be more than understanding and offer some type of accommodations. Accommodations could range from bigger office space, and remote work opportunities, to more time for completing assignments.

It is not that easy for everyone, though. Some employers do not understand the physical limitations of arthritis. If you are fired due to your inability to work to your company’s standards, contact a disability lawyer today.

If one’s arthritis is so severe that he or she cannot physically work, there is a way to apply for Social Security Disability benefits. This will provide much-needed financial aid.

As soon as your physician diagnoses you with an arthritis disability, it is in your best interest to research disability law and what arthritis disability benefits you can request.

Is Arthritis a Disability? It Definitely Can Be. Know the Facts Today!

The question is arthritis a disability is asked frequently. Like many conditions, there are different degrees of severity with arthritis. Some individuals can live a fairly normal life, while others are significantly immobilized.

The important thing is to know the facts. Since forms of arthritis are classified as a disability, you have access to financial benefits.

To learn more about the relationship between law and disability, we invite you to explore more of our blogs.

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