4 Essential Tips for Driving

4 Essential Tips for Driving

In 2020, 38,680 people died in motor vehicle traffic crashes, which is the highest it’s been since 2007. The surprising thing is, Americans were driving less this year because of the pandemic.

This sharp increase in traffic crashes is alarming, so you might be wondering what you can do to stay safe. Read on for 4 tips for driving you should know, whether you’re a new or seasoned driver.

1. Don’t Use Your Phone While Driving

While you may be talented at multitasking, don’t text or call people while you’re driving. Distracted driving can be just as dangerous as drunk driving, so put your phone away. Many experienced drivers think they can do both things at once, but just taking your eye off the road for a few seconds is enough time to get in a crash.

If you need to take a call or text someone, pull over to do so. Not only is this safer, but you won’t be doing something illegal either.

2. Follow All Traffic Signs and Speed Limits

If you’re rolling down the street at 30 mph and see a stop sign coming up, you might be tempted to just run it so you don’t have to slow down. It can be especially tempting if the stop sign is in an area that’s not very busy.

However, if you get caught, you can be charged with reckless driving, especially if you cause an accident. The reckless driving lawyer cost will be high and while these professionals will get you out of a tough situation, you can still end up with serious consequences.

Always follow traffic signs and speed limits to avoid sticky situations!

3. Drive Defensively

One of our best driving tips is to drive defensively. Assume that everyone around you is a bad driver and be prepared for them to do something unsafe.

This means you should leave plenty of room between you and other cars, especially if you notice someone swerving or behaving weirdly.

4. Carry a Safety Kit

Even if you’re super careful while driving, accidents, and breakdowns can still happen. Not to mention, bad weather can render you stuck somewhere.

A safety kit will come in handy for any situation. Make sure it’s well-stocked with flashlights and batteries, candles and lighters, a spare tire, road flares, jumper cables, oil, and fluids (like coolant and windshield wiper fluid). You should also have bandages, gauze, bottles of water, snacks, and blankets.

If you ever use anything from this kit, refill it as soon as you can.

Stay Safe With These Tips for Driving

Make sure you follow these tips for driving. It’s all too easy to get too comfortable on the road, which can lead to preventable accidents. So stay vigilant and care for not just yourself, but also, your fellow drivers.

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