How to Choose a Family Law Attorney

How to Choose a Family Law Attorney

It’s important to know how to choose a family law attorney when you’re divorcing. Family lawyers are trained professionals who have expertise in family-related legal matters. Many family law cases involve long or complicated histories that go back many years.

It’s a good idea to hire a lawyer at who has significant experience with family-related cases to ensure you have the best representation possible.

Choosing a Family Law Attorney

  • It’s also a good idea to gather information about family law attorneys’ backgrounds before you decide to hire one. Typically, attorneys get a law license after completing a bachelor’s degree. The licenses normally last between two and five years and most family lawyers continue to go through the licensing process until they are completely licensed. When interviewing lawyers, make sure you ask about their career histories and their experience with family law cases.
  • Another important consideration when hiring a lawyer is to ask whether the law firm focuses on family law or works with other types of cases. Most family law firms focus their attention on family related cases like divorce, adoption, marriage, separation, and annulment. For this reason, there will be a large emphasis on the need for an attorney who is experienced with these types of cases. Attorneys who work primarily with immigration issues may not have much experience dealing with real estate or corporate affairs.
  • Make sure to visit a number of different family law attorneys before making a final decision. Family law firms typically have private meetings during which clients meet with the lawyers and ask questions. Many of these sessions are free and can give potential clients an opportunity to meet with the attorneys before signing a contract. However, some law firms require potential clients to make a payment upfront for an initial consultation. Attorneys who do not require money upfront may not be a good choice for you.
  • Once you meet with lawyers, take note of how comfortable you feel. Lawyers who make you feel comfortable and who seem knowledgeable might be the right person to represent you. Ask questions about the hours of operation and whether the firm has a reputation for reliability and competence.
  • Some lawyers are careful about how much information they provide to their clients, while others provide more information than is necessary. Those attorneys who get straight to the point and are happy to tell you everything that you need to know might be the best choice.

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  1. I was married for 26+ years. During a dispute with my then husband, I sustained an open fracture, trsumatic brain injury, followed by emergency brain surgery, 6 months in a physical rehabilitation hospital and 6 1/2 years living in a nursing home. shortly after my brain surgery family hired one of my sister’s college friends to represent me in a divorce. I don’t have memory of the attorney’s name, nor did I appear in court, or receive any documents, when the divorce was final. Whomever represented me, did not make my ex responsible financially for our 5 yr old son’s care and support, my family paid all his moving and medical cost.and moved my youngest son in with my youngest sister, until he was finished with High school. I am permanently disabled and survive on SSDI0, my ex took every item from the home and moved while I was still informed. I am stuck with income tax debt from12 years ago. as well s utility bill balances my ex did not pay off.. Can the orders of the court be resisted. this many years later? Do I have to start the divorce over from the beginning to get he awards revisited? I am in St. Louis mo. thank you

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