The Prolia Class-action Lawsuit: What You Should Know

The Prolia Class-action Lawsuit: What You Should Know

Most people do not know anything about a drug called Prolia and its treatment for menopausal osteoporosis. The problem with Prolia is that the medicine causes side effects similar to those associated with the actual disease. Personal injury lawyers recently filed a Prolia class-action lawsuit against Amgen, the manufacturer of the drug. Patients who have experienced severe injuries caused by Prolia should receive monetary compensation. Consequently, the Prolia recall led to the filing of a class-action lawsuit.

What are the side effects caused by Prolia?

Many physicians recommend Prolia to their patients to treat osteoporosis, and numerous people experience positive results from taking the medication. Nevertheless, Prolia contains potentially harmful ingredients that may result in severe side effects, including hip fractures. Other side effects include bone and femur fractures.

What is the history of Prolia?

Amgen first introduced Prolia in 2010. The drug received immense popularity among doctors and patients. Consequently, the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) approved Prolia to treat postmenopausal osteoporosis. Alendronate was the previously favored medication for treating symptoms related to osteoporosis.

Introduced in 1995, Alendronate also contained ingredients that could result in severe bone fractures. Some patients mentioned that the drug prevented them from standing. Accordingly, the FDA published warnings on labels. These warnings said that Alendronate might cause unexpected bone fractures.

Cancer patients who take Prolia use it with the understanding that the drug may improve bone mass. Some physicians tell their cancer patients to take Prolia in combination with other prescribed medicines. The recent Prolia class-action lawsuit mentions other drugs, including antineoplastics, endocrine drugs, and monoclonal antibodies. Furthermore, scientists do not know if younger children can take Prolia without experiencing any dangerous side effects.

What are the common side effects associated with Prolia?

The possibility of experiencing severe adverse reactions makes it impossible for patients to avoid the fact that they are taking huge risks if they decide to use Prolia. Some people have died after using Prolia. Side effects associated with this drug include dry skin that peels, severe joint pain, bone pain, and pain in the thighs.

What is the status of the Prolia class-action lawsuit?

Public demand has resulted in an important decision rendered by personal injury attorneys to file a class-action lawsuit against Amgen. The drug manufacturer’s representatives did not inform the FDA or the public about the drug’s potential to cause severe side effects. In addition, product liability attorneys conducted their investigations into the damages caused by Prolia.

In 2012, Health Canada and Amgen representatives issued an official statement to the public. The information expressed concerns that patients who used Prolia had experienced severe adverse reactions to the drug, including bone fractures. It is important to remember that Amgen developed the drug to treat osteoporosis rather than cause symptoms similar to those associated with the progressive disease.

Who filed the petition to start a class-action lawsuit against Amgen?

First Citizen, a public consumer watchdog group, filed an official document with the FDA expressing complaints about Prolia. First Citizen petitioned the FDA for a Prolia recall. First Citizen asked the FDA to force Amgen to conduct the recall so that doctors and patients would not have access to the drug. Research demonstrated that Prolia caused fractured vertebrae. In addition, First Citizen requested that Amgen include an official “black box warning” on the Prolia label explaining that taking this medicine could cause severe bone fractures.

First Citizen asked the FDA to grant more extensive protection to patients taking Prolia after scientists decided that the medication caused the risk of experiencing broken vertebrae. According to the petition filed by First Citizen, Amgen deliberately hid known data from the public about the prescribed medication’s potential to cause broken vertebrae, insisting that the manufacturer refused to include this warning on the label. According to First Citizen, known information about possibly dangerous side effects must show on the drug’s packaging material so that doctors and patients know about the hidden dangers.

Amgen knew about the scientific data associated with Prolia.

An Amgen representative stated that the company knew about the research showing that patients using Prolia had risks of developing fractured vertebrae. Nonetheless, the same representative then stated that taking the drug outweighed any associated risks. The spokesperson said that Amgen was working with FDA regulators to ensure that people who used to take Prolia may have experienced bone fractures. First Citizen insists that the FDA is not doing enough to notify physicians and patients about the risks associated with using Prolia.

Amgen representatives told a different story to Europeans.

After First Citizen filed an initial complaint in Europe, Amgen advised people in the United States to continue using Prolia. Amgen did not warn doctors and patients in the United States about the drug’s potential to cause fractures. Attorneys involved in the Prolia class-action lawsuit then studied the available data to determine if patients should receive monetary compensation due to product liability issues.

What is a class-action lawsuit?

Anyone who has taken Prolia should consult with a personal injury lawyer regarding whether they qualify for monetary compensation via the class-action lawsuit. A class-action lawsuit includes many members who are eligible for compensation because they all took the drug. A class-action lawsuit typically ensues when a large percentage of the population qualifies for damages. A lead plaintiff must show the court that all members meet the qualifications and that each person has experienced the same adverse side effects.

Should previous users of Prolia join the class-action lawsuit?

In addition to causing severe bone fractures, some patients taking Prolia were diagnosed with esophageal cancer. Amgen deliberately deceived the public by hiding vital facts about the safety associated with using Prolia. All patients who previously used Prolia should become members of the class-action lawsuit. People who choose to participate in the class-action lawsuit may eventually receive compensation because they decided to become members.

Drug manufacturers have accountability to the public. Moral ethics imply that a manufacturer must inform people if a drug created to treat a disease causes more severe problems upon its use. Accountability means that people need complete information about a drug’s possible dangers before the manufacturer sells a medication. Amgen did not reveal significant data and ended up experiencing a Prolia recall and class-action lawsuit.

48 thoughts on “The Prolia Class-action Lawsuit: What You Should Know

  1. I was taking Prolia shots semi annually, I stopped taking the shots approx. one year ago.
    I stopped taking the Prolia due to my extreme bone loss.
    My teeth will no longer fit in my mouth correctly after being newly replaced approx. two years ago.
    I was taking the Prolia to stop bone loss, and in turn it has done the opposite.
    I can`t have implants due to the extreme bone loss.
    Need help.

  2. I have been taking Prolia for 10 years. How do I join the lawsuit? I do not have a website. Need more info from me please ask.

  3. I have taken Prolia for about 9 years and due to dental surgery, I had to, stop. Consulted my Endo before stopping and he said all was okay to do so. Three months after my missed shot I now have 10 compression fractures. My Endo still says take my calcium and see you in the spring of 22. I would like to join the lawsuit. How do I join it?

    1. Judy, I too would like to join the lawsuit. Have you found out how to join? Please advise, Thank You Toni Klein

    2. I have developed stress fractures in both femurs due to taking Prolia for 8 yrs. I have to have Intramedullary rods put in each femur. I would like to know more about the class action lawsuit.

  4. How does my wife join the suit as she has taken Prolia for at least eight years? she has almost all of the afflictions mentioned and needs dental work due to jaw bone erosion. Thank you for your help.

    1. My wife also developed jaw erosion and has already started loing teeth as the result of taking Prolia. Have you any information you have learned about joining the law suit that you can share?


  5. Shortly after I took a Prolia shot, I developed symptoms similar to those that I had after trying to take Fosamax: severe heartburn and difficulty swallowing then came projectile vomiting which lasted about four or five days. I ended up in the hospital where I was diagnosed with an internal hernia and a severe infection. I had to have it operated on.

  6. I have been led to believe that Prolia was the be all end all drug for osteoporosis. After almost 10 years the doctor that I have now wants to put me on a Reclast infusion with many more side effects. Why wasn’t this info revealed at the beginning? The doctor I started taking this with went to work for Amgen. Before she left in 2015 I told her I had that I had been diagnosed with 2 rare diseases. Instead of looking into it, she continued the Prolia and it compromised my immune system. I am just now getting off of Prolia since the doctors scare you to death about doing so. Definitely, this needs to have more warnings! And a more realistic truthful warning by doctors!

  7. My wife also developed jaw erosion and has already started loing teeth as the result of taking Prolia. Have you any information you have learned about joining the law suit that you can share?

  8. I went to the emergency room 4 days after getting the first injection and ended up in the hospital for 3 days. My white blood count was through the roof. My groin and bone pain lasted 11 months. I had to keep ice on my groin and had trouble walking for 6 months. I had a really bad rash on my back. My teeth on the right side jaw bone shifted and my jaw is much lower and the teeth on the left upper and bottom are uneven. So, my teeth are messed up and I will need new teeth on my entire right lower and upper teeth. . Since 2015 my white blood count has been very high and is flagged. I was in the emergency room several times, because of the incredible pain in my right hip and stomach, and groin area. I called Amgen and gave them my name and told them how sick I was. I have included Prolia on my list of allergies so nobody gives me anything that has any elements of Prolia ever again.

  9. Judy, I too would like to join the lawsuit. Have you found out how to join? Please advise, Thank You Toni Klein

  10. I took prolio for 3 or 4 years while my mouth bone was deteriorate not to my knowledge. when I went to the dentist they wouldn,t do anything because I took prolia I even went 150 miles to
    San JOse they wouldn,t do it either. I have been to at leaset 20 dentist, they all said the same thing. I finally went to San Francisco Dental school. They had a hard time but they at leeast tried and it worked out they pulled them.I got new dentures but they are having a hard time fitting them. Please help me I have been thru hell. I lost so much weight because I couldn’t eat.

  11. I began taking bi-annual injections of Prolia in May 1018 after breast cancer and treatments. I had to stop in June 2019 due to my gums wearing away from my teeth. I’ve also had two bones break in my feet on two separate times. One just broke while I was pulling my feet into my car and the other broke when I stood up upon getting out of bed. I cannot take anything for my bones other than OTC vitamins and have osteoporosis. I would like to know how to join this lawsuit. Thank you.

  12. I would like to know how to join the lawsuit against Amgen also. I have taken just 4 Prolia shots and I now have to have 4 healthy teeth removed due to bone loss and infections. I am also having other joiNt pain investigated. This Friday is my first surgery. Thank you for any and all information

  13. I want to be included in this lawsuit as well. My hospital record states the type of drug, and the drug was Prolia. Fractured my femur just under the hip. Another Dr. Said “it was a quintessential Prolia fracture”. Also have a stabilized vertebral fracture.

  14. I have been through 2 oral surgeries. Nightmare. one at CCF and the other Ohio State Wexner. I had fistulas after the first and were closed with second surgery at Wexner at Ohio State and the plate placed at CCF was removed and a another plate was replaced.
    The entire journey started in 2019 and it has disfigured my face.
    I went to specialist to re build my face but that would i need a bone from my leg, a feeding tube and a trach. I have been through hell and back. I decided not to have further surgery. The cost is way beyond what I can afford. My chin has no feeing , here is lots more to this story. If there is a law suit I would like to know

  15. I pushed onto Prolia in 2016 and had terrible side effects for six years, including pneumonia and massive gastric issues. I finally discontinued Prolia in July 2021 but my doctor never told me about the risk of spontaneous vertebral fracture. I’ve had two so far.

  16. I took Prolea for about 3 years. I fell and broke 3 vertebres in my back, had to be cemented.
    Then about 3 years after that I fell an had to have a partial hip replacement. Now 3 months ago I broke my femeur bone in my right leg in 5 places. I honestly believe that Prolea shots is what caused all my breaks. Berore taking it I was 73 years old and never had a broken bone in my life. Also got a broken thumb on my right hand in between broken hip and broken leg. Thank you for any info you can give me.

  17. I two developed jaw issues and starting to lose teeth.. and went from 1 spinal fracture to many..and much more

  18. I took Prolia and one dose was all that was required to make me have jaw and teeth problems which I am still going through I spent every dime I had on my mouth and jaw I could not have any dental care per my doctor for at least a year and a half I had tooth aches all that time and jaw trouble the big problem is the teeth loss has not stopped

  19. I have had 4 Prolia shots, most recent July, 2022. I take it because I was under the impression that this drug was the best answer to osteoporosis. In January I was told I needed a molar removed due to bone loss. My muscles are slowly deteriorating in my hips and knees. I will no longer take this drug ever again and I want to join this lawsuit also.

    1. Hi. I’m a retired Canadian lawyer and I’ve gone over this webpage extensively trying to find any clue as to where any lawsuit was filed or how to contact the attorney that has allegedly started one. The petition to the FDA that is mentioned was rejected by the FDA. There seems to be no way to get any information about the putative action from this website. It’s very disappointing. In the meantime, PLEASE – DO NOT JUST QUIT PROLIA. It has a “rebound effect.” You need to make sure your doctor fully understands the rebound effect and how to treat it with a “relay protocol” of alternative antiresorptives (hopefully you can take those! not everyone can) and monitoring of your bone turnover through bone marker testing (not available everywhere). Nope, you WEREN’T warned about this when you started. More information is available through a Facebook group started by many, many injured and concerned people. It has a full library of science-based articles. But sadly, there’s no class action lawsuit from what I can see. And believe me, I’VE LOOKED!

      1. Hello Diane, I remember you from Facebook, you and everyone in the group was so helpful. I got off Facebook quite a while ago, all the scary stories about prolia made me so stressed. I had horrible side affects from prolia including losing more than 50% of my hair and multiple infections of every kind. After 3 injections I went off and was told I couldn’t just stop the drug. Horrified by that revelation, I went on fosamax, but due to many side effects, including losing 20 pounds, I went off the drug after 6 months. 2 years later, I ended up with 6 fractures, 5 pelvic and the L5. I was put on Forteo, but after 5 months I was told I had to go off, as I developed hypercalicimia. Now on Actonel for one month so far. I am one of the few who cannot tolerate osteoporosis drugs of any kind. Because I was started on prolia first, even though my risk of fracture was so low, my life is now changed forever. I am only 63. I have no idea what the future holds for me. I was on this site wondering if anyone has been successful going after Amgen for what damage their drug has caused.

  20. Have severe dental issues with bone loss and gum loss after taking Prolia. Would like to join lawsuit. Over $ 70 K in dental expenses

  21. Have severe dental issues with bone loss and gum loss after taking Prolia. Over $ 70 K in dental expenses. Have it heard anything. What can be done?

  22. My wife died from taking prolia. She had many of the symptoms mentioned by these women. She had bone fractures in her right thigh just below the hip, 2 vertebrae in back fractured had to be cemented and much pain during all this. Finally she got esophageal cancer and received chemotherapy and radiation for months before she succumbed to her death. I won’t stop until I see this company pay for the pain and horror she went through from taking prolia.

  23. How do I get involved in the class action suit? After only two shots I got a terrible jaw popping. Anytime I open my mouth wide to eat my jaw pops. I also have had awful heartburn and am taking medication for that. Would like information possible on how to move forward.

  24. I have been bedridden for 4 months now since my second injection of prolia. My shoulders creek and Crack and grind, everytime I move them. As I will no longer am going to get a third injection I risk a rebound effect of fractures. I am scared. Please help us get this drug off the market.

  25. I am a stage 4 metastatic prostate cancer patient. I took Prolia for 5 years and have now developed
    oral osteonecrosis. 3 Doctors examined me and independently all have said, “You must have been on Prolia.” I cannot believe that the FDA would recommend a product that would cause such a painful reaction. My gums are separating and are bleeding, How do I apply to be on a class action lawsuit?

  26. I am a stage 4 metastatic prostate cancer patient. I took Prolia for 5 years and have now developed
    oral osteonecrosis. 3 Doctors examined me and independently all have said, “You must have been on Prolia.” I cannot believe that the FDA would recommend a product that would cause such a painful reaction. My gums are separating and are bleeding, How do I apply to be on a class action lawsuit?

  27. I am a stage 4 metastatic prostate cancer patient. I took Prolia for 5 years and have now developed
    oral osteonecrosis. 3 Doctors examined me and independently all have said, “You must have been on Prolia.” I cannot believe that the FDA would recommend a product that would cause such a painful reaction. My gums are separating and are bleeding,

  28. I was given one injection of the Prolia in May of 2022. In mid-August I started to experience severe pain throughout my entire mouth out of nowhere which escalated into my lower left jawbone to become infected. I had surgery on1/2/23 of which they removed 3/4 of my lower left jawbone with teeth. I am now waiting for my 2nd surgery in the fall of 2023 to re-construct my jaw bone. I have suffered extreme pain and eating now is a real challenge and have lost over 40 pounds as a result. I have already spoken with 2 firms and neither are handling cases of this type, How can I join the class action suit????

  29. My email is [email protected] I am writing as I would like my name added to the Prolia Class-action Lawsuit. I only have only had one infusion about 5 or 6 years ago and my life has been turned upside down ever since that day! The day after the shot I woke up and I felt like I got hit by a tractor trailer, as I was in so much PAIN! Long story short, as of today, I am STILL suffering severe side effects! I have that scratchy dry peeling skin that drives me crazy, I get severe pain in my joints, I get bone pain and it is so severe, I feel like bone is going to burn through my ankle. I also get alot of bone pain, back aches and pain in my theigh’s and calf’s. I have to mention I have lost a lot of teeth and my mouth and throat have been inflammed for months, it is very irratating! I also lost my voice for about 6 month and I always had a sore throat and post nasal drip. I also suffered and still suffer from severe headaches and migrains, loss of balance and partial onset seizure, plus blurry eyes! I suffer everyday, and I sad and depressed. I have IBS, I have ulcers on my intestine, I get sick when I eat, the list goes on and on. Could you PLEASE Help Me get on the List for the Class Action Lawsuit? Thank You! Mary G.

  30. I need help to and want to join this lawsuit! I was given only 1 infusion of reclasp which is generate for Prolia, about 6 years ago, and I have been severely suffering ever since! The day after the infusion I woke up in bed and felt like I had been run over by a tracker trailer! Everything I mean every bone in my body hurt, I was sweating but had the chills at the same time, my head was pounding in pain and my eyes were blurry! I was in disbelief! I could hardly stand up because of all the pain in my bones and muscles etc. I am still suffering today! I have itchy dry flaky skin that drives me Crazy, the itch does not stop! I have awful pain in my back, my legs, I have leg cramps, and burning pain in my ankle, so Painful, and my toes and fingers cramp on me! I also have Carpo tunnel now, neuropathy, and very weak bones. I also have now IBS, Ulcers, severe nausea and diarrhea as I am always so nervous about my pain and problems from this reclasp! It has RUINED MY LIFE! PLEASE ADD ME TO YOUR LAWSUIT! Thank You. Sincerely, Mary
    P.S. I have also lost a bunch of teeth because of this Drug Prolia

  31. I had taken 2 shots of Prolia, and started losing my teeth. Prolia ruined my jawbone and I cannot have implants because the jawbone is too weak. Now have to have dentures at a cost of over $10,000. Please advise how to join this lawsuit.

  32. I took Prolia having problems with jaw bone loss and rash and hives fractures in toes extremely back pain can I join the Law suit

  33. I took Prolia for several years. Had severe hip pain and back pain, several teeth went bad, and began having panic attacks. I had to have steroid injections because of back pain since I couldn’t walk while on the drug.
    I would like to join the class action suit.

  34. I need some information the doctor want to put me on more medication I don’t know what to do I’m in so much pain

  35. I need some information the doctor want to put me on more medication I don’t know what to do I’m in so much pain

  36. I took Prolia for 4 years but I had to stop because of terrible reactions in my body ! I thought I will die that night . I got a few tooth infection, cost a lot of money to dentist . But the worse is that I got 7 vertebral fractures on my spine and a lot of pain in my tight and ribs. Excruciating pain and suffering because of Prolia that works against the bones. Amgen new about those side effects but maliciously did not disclose it , they care just for their profits ! I appreciate to have me on the Prolia Class Act Law Suit against Amgen and Drs.

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