Motorcycle Accident Document Checklist: What to Bring to Your Lawyer

Motorcycle Accident Document Checklist: What to Bring to Your Lawyer

In 2019, over 84,000 people were injured in motorcycle accidents. If you find yourself involved in a motorcycle accident, your next step is to hire a motorcycle accident lawyer.

To receive the best settlement after your accident, having the appropriate documents is crucial to winning your case. Read on for a motorcycle accident document checklist to help you collect everything your lawyer needs.

Information From Witnesses

One of the first steps after an accident is to collect the name, contact information, and insurance information from any witnesses. Statements from witnesses confirm the accident information from other perspectives. These statements may even provide new insight into who is at fault.


Photos and videos are the best forms of motorcycle accident evidence. Use your phone to document vehicle damage, the accident scene, injuries, surroundings, and road conditions. Document as much as possible to bring to your lawyer.

Police Reports

Police record the details of the accident, collect witness statements and gather other key information about the accident. Police reports provide a comprehensive third-party perspective on damages, injuries, and causes.

Written Description of Accident

Provide your lawyer with your own personal account of the accident. Your memories of the event may become hazy over time, so jot down notes and a description of the accident as soon as possible while it’s still fresh.

Insurance Information

When dealing with a motorcycle accident case, a motorcycle accident lawyer helps you get the best possible settlement from your insurance company.

However, your attorney will need a copy of your insurance information to determine what they cover under your policy. Include proof of payments for your coverage to prevent any pushback from your insurance company.

Repair Estimates

If your motorcycle was damaged, your attorney needs the documentation to confirm. Repair estimates from a professional mechanic, receipts, and towing charges are all important. They provide a realistic estimate of the costs you faced after the accident.

Medical Records

If you had a motorcycle accident injury and received medical treatment, hold on to your records to give to your lawyer. Include dates, location, and the attending doctor’s information with your records. This way, your lawyer can prove the timing lines up with your accident.

Proof of Income or Lost Wages

After the accident, you might find yourself out of work due to injuries. If you hope to recoup any of your lost income, you’ll need to provide past pay stubs or tax documents to prove your prior income.

Be Prepared With This Motorcycle Accident Document Checklist

The aftermath of a motorcycle accident is a stressful and uncertain time for everyone involved. When you hire an accident lawyer, you’ll feel more confident with the right preparation. To prepare, follow this motorcycle accident document checklist to make the meeting with your lawyer a breeze.

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