5 Reasons to Hire a Criminal Defense Attorney

5 Reasons to Hire a Criminal Defense Attorney

After being charged with a criminal offense, it is crucial to find the right criminal defense attorney as soon as possible. Your attorney may be able to get your charges dropped or get your charges significantly reduced. In some cases, attorneys can also negotiate with prosecutors to settle charges in a way that avoids a long trial while getting you a reduced sentence. Most importantly, attorneys can be at your side in the courtroom to ensure you get the top-quality legal defense that you deserve.

1. Attorneys Understand Legal Options

The ability to receive legal advice on the best course of action is one of the main benefits of hiring a criminal defense attorney. In general, most skilled attorneys will start by getting a thorough understanding of your case. Attorneys will review criminal complaints that were filed against you and analyze your criminal record. Your attorney will then work with you to understand exactly what happened in your case. Once your attorney understands the exact course of events that unfolded, you can receive legal advice on what course of action you should take.

When you work with an attorney, you can trust what your attorney tells you because of attorney-client privilege. Attorneys are legally bound to keep information about your case confidential. Therefore, you do not have to worry about your attorney later testifying against you in court. As a result, you can be open with your attorney in a way that enables you to get sound advice. Your attorney can then advise you on the best course of action to resolve your situation.

2. Attorneys Can Build a Strong Legal Defense

Dealing with courts is incredibly difficult for people who do not understand court procedures and the wide range of statutes on the books. People who choose to defend themselves in court rarely win because prosecutors can use court procedures and other technicalities to prevent you from presenting evidence or getting a fair hearing. Additionally, although judges usually try their best to be impartial, the reality is that judges usually perceive people who try to defend themselves in court in a very negative light. Therefore, even top attorneys always have their own attorney at their side if they are accused of a crime.

Picking the right attorney can enable you to build a solid defense that can significantly increase your chances of winning in court. Top attorneys work for established law firms that have the resources necessary to build a top-quality defense. Leading law firms have their own investigators, legal researchers, and forensics technology specialists who can all help you to build a stronger case. Your attorney can then create legal filings that will help to sway a judge toward your side in court.

3. Attorneys Can Negotiate With Prosecutors

In the U.S. legal system, attorneys are allowed to negotiate with prosecutors to get charges dropped or reduced. After years in the field, attorneys usually develop exemplary negotiation skills by working with a wide range of stakeholders. Attorneys also have an intimate understanding of the incentives that prosecutors have. Consequently, a good attorney can usually negotiate to settle your case in a way that reduces the consequences of the criminal charges you face.

Of course, some people are never willing to settle because they might believe they can win in court. Attorneys have the data to tell you whether you stand a viable chance of winning if you take your case to court. In some cases, for instance, the prosecution rate is over 99 percent. Therefore, settling your case may make sense if prosecutors are willing to significantly reduce your charges. However, settling your case is almost impossible if you try to confront prosecutors on your own.

4. Attorneys Understand the Big Picture

People who have never been accused of a crime rarely understand the full implications of having to defend a case. In many situations, people lose their job when their employer finds out that they are facing criminal charges. Your spouse might divorce you, and people in your social circle might distance themselves from you. Your business could also experience tough times as customers migrate over to your competitors.

Attorneys are able to see the full range of challenges that criminal defendants face because they deal with criminal cases every day. Therefore, an attorney can be at your side to mentor you about the best courses of action that can prevent your life from completely falling apart. Attorneys can even give you the empathy and emotional support you need to make sense of the challenges you are going through.

The bottom line is that having an attorney at your side can help you in ways that go beyond the courtroom. In fact, when attorneys and their clients work together closely on a daily basis, they often become lifelong friends. Once you have built a strong relationship with your attorney, you can also rely on your attorney for other legal matters. Therefore, there are numerous benefits to having an attorney that can improve your quality of life as you recover from the challenges brought about by your criminal charges.

5. Attorneys Can Help You After Your Case Is Over

Resolving a criminal case is usually a long-term endeavor that does not end after a judge finally makes a decision. If you are sentenced to prison time, you may need to continue working with your attorney to ensure that your rights are protected behind bars. Attorneys may also be able to help you to get your record expunged so that you have a viable chance of finding a job after regaining your freedom.

If you have to pay a substantial fine or receive a prison sentence, you may want to appeal your case. As with ordinary criminal cases, appeals can take years to go through the courts. Even if you win an initial appeal, prosecutors can appeal your case again to a higher court. Consequently, the appeals process can take a long time to complete, and you will need an attorney at your side to get a positive outcome.

Get a Criminal Defense Attorney for Your Case

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