Here is Why You Need to Hire the Best Disability Lawyer

Here is Why You Need to Hire the Best Disability Lawyer

During the application process for disability benefits most people question whether it is necessary to have legal representation. According to them, they have been paying for Social Security programs for many years. So, why would their claims be denied?

Unfortunately, things aren’t as easy as they look. In fact, most applicants experience frustrations during the process because up to 72% of SSDI and SSI claims are denied. As an applicant for disability benefits, you only have 2-3 opportunities to get approval before the chance is gone.

However, with an experienced and skilled lawyer by your side, you will ascertain that the entire process runs smoothly. Hiring the best disability lawyer always comes in handy for the following reasons:

1. Prepare Initial Claims

Your lawyer will begin your claim by simply filing it on your behalf. The lawyer will ensure you apply for Social Security Disability in Georgia and outline what information you need to include in your application.

In addition, your lawyer knows what documentation SSA requires to ensure communication issues don’t cause your case to be denied or delayed altogether.

2. Lawyers Have Experience

Experienced and qualified disability attorneys know how they can help you with appeals and application processes. Judges often have strict legal terms, so working with an experienced lawyer to help you frame supporting evidence is crucial.

3. File Appeals

Don’t give up if your claim is denied for the first time. Most initial claims get rejected, but that doesn’t mean you can’t still be approved for disability benefits.

A professional disability lawyer will guide you through the process of appealing. They will help you determine why the claim was rejected and gather proof to support the case. Your attorney will also deal with deadlines, paperwork, and contacts at the SSA on your behalf.

4. Win the Case

Working with a seasoned attorney will give you an added advantage in the courtroom. If you are looking to win your case, getting legal support is necessary.

Knowledgeable attorneys can assess the case and even present it in a manner that will give you an opportunity to get disability benefits.

This may involve presenting evidence of the way your disability often impairs your work and life or having a doctor evaluate your condition and write a detailed report that your attorney will use as proof.

5.  Get Insightful Recommendations

Since professional and qualified disability attorneys have many years of experience dealing with applications of SSD, they know what works and what doesn’t.

This invaluable experience has shown disability attorneys that simply meeting bare minimum requirements doesn’t always guarantee an applicant’s approval.

This is why they often recommend specific exams/tests and specialists who will lend credibility to their client’s case. They also work hard to ensure the odds of your application being denied are minimal.

The Bottom Line

An attorney who specializes in disability cases will provide you with the insight you need to get started with the application process. Your attorney will help you file for an appeal when your application is denied and use their experience to have your claim approved by providing substantial evidence.

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