Recovering Damages After Arvest Bank Lawsuit

Recovering Damages After Arvest Bank Lawsuit

The Arvest Bank has settled a case in which a man was killed because his wife tried to take out a second mortgage on his house even though he had no such financial responsibilities. According to the media reports, the bank sent an internal probe to the attorney representing the deceased and his firm to investigate the claim. The internal probe resulted in the conclusion that the deceased was not guilty of any wrongdoing. According to the media reports, the investigator stated, “The facts do not support a claim that the deceased intentionally falsified any documents.” The attorney representing the bank was not available for comment.

The reasons that led up to the lawsuit being filed in the first place are not relevant to the results.

It is what the bank did not do that is important to the judge who is considering the case. How many times have you seen bank attorneys make the same mistakes over again without even realizing it? These mistakes can and will affect the outcome of your lawsuit.

How much have you lost already due to this misrepresentation?

This is a question that can be used to determine how much money you really stand to gain or lose in the case. When you choose to represent yourself in such cases, you are risking money that can very easily be won for you.

How long have you been represented by this particular firm?

Have you paid them a retainer? How much have they won in past cases? Did they provide you with the best legal counsel available when they were representing you? It is important to know if there are other firms that are more competent and have a better record of winning actual monetary compensation from those that chose to fight a case in court instead of settling.

Did the attorneys’ efforts go in vain? Were there other steps that they could have taken that would have led to a more favorable result?

Was the case dismissed because the paperwork was incomplete? If so, then this means that you have little to lose and a lot to gain. You will be able to recoup a significant portion of your money from the dismissal of the case.

Why did the government agree to settle the case instead of going to trial?

The answer lies in the amount of money that was at stake. The amount of damages awarded to the plaintiff would be quite a substantial sum of money. The government was not interested in having to go to court in order to get the full amount of this settlement. This would have been a lengthy and expensive process. Therefore, they were willing to accept a lesser amount of money than the full amount in order to avoid the expense of a lengthy court battle.

Why was your case dismissed?

You must take note that the court did not find your attorney to be deficient in presenting evidence in your favor. However, there were deficiencies that were present and these were enough to cause the court to dismiss your case. The reason why your attorney failed to present sufficient evidence is because he or she did not have the appropriate education and training to adequately represent you in the case.

Are you wondering if you are eligible for a cash payout based on the amount of damages awarded? The answer to this question is yes. But if you lack an attorney, then the process will not be as simple. Your attorney should be able to secure a case deposit for you in order to cover the expenses associated with preparing the case. There are a variety of cases that can be filed against the firm, and they should have a contingency agreement that details exactly how much money can be received if you win the case.

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