Reasons to Hire a Probate Attorney

Reasons to Hire a Probate Attorney

A will is a must if you’re concerned about what happens with your assets after you pass away. Unfortunately, it’s something many Americans don’t spend time on setting up. Reports show only one in three people take part in the process.

The good news is that it shouldn’t take much effort to go through the process yourself.

While you can handle the probate process independently, it pays to look for help to ensure you do things right. Below are all the reasons it makes sense to hire a probate attorney.

Handle the Paperwork

Drafting the will is the most important part of getting your estate together. Without a will telling the court what you want after you pass, a court-appointed lawyer will take on that task themself.

You don’t run into confusion when you put everything into a written will. Your will goes to the court for approval and will help your loved ones distribute your assets the way you wish.

Prevent Conflict

While some families won’t have problems figuring out how to handle your estate, that won’t be true for everyone. Often, there will be conflicts between family members when it comes to who gets what.

You avoid conflicts when you make your wishes known ahead of time. Even if there are conflicts, your wishes are known and must be followed by law.

Stop Errors

Even if you know exactly what you want with your will, that doesn’t mean the end result will reflect your wishes. Estates can get complicated when you have a lot of assets. If you don’t do the work to do things right, you may make errors that cause problems.

A probate lawyer like the ones at will ensure this doesn’t happen. One of the best reasons to hire a probate attorney is to be sure everything gets handled correctly and without mistakes.

Avoid Legal Claims

One issue that arises after someone passes away are claims on the estate. There may be family members who believe they have a claim to part of your estate.

Those claims can be dismissed when you have a robust will. A lawyer can help you define your estate’s beneficiaries to make it known who will receive your assets after you pass away. Even if someone does make a claim, they won’t get anything since they aren’t included in your will.

Resolve Your Debt

Debt doesn’t disappear when you pass away. Your debt goes to your estate, which in turn is responsible for paying off your debt.

The person responsible for your estate will handle that task if you have the cash available to pay things off. If not, you’ll need to liquidate assets to pay off your creditors. An experienced probate attorney can help by making sure this process is done right, and your benefactors will receive everything else they deserve.

A Probate Attorney Is Worth the Money

Your loved ones have a big job once you pass away. They need to figure out what you want to happen after you pass and go through the legal process to make those things happen.

The good news is that the probate process can help you document your wishes and ensure they’re followed. Work with a probate attorney to ensure everything gets done the right way.

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  1. I like that you mentioned how drafting a will is the most important part of getting your estate together. I was skimming through my cousin’s law book last night and I read a little bit about wills and probate. It all seems very complex and hard to understand, so a probate attorney is likely necessary for it.

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