Why You Should Consider a Sono Bello Class Action Lawsuit

Why You Should Consider a Sono Bello Class Action Lawsuit

The Sono Bello class action lawsuit was brought against Yamaha and their American subsidiary, Korg, by the heirs of the late Diego Bello. The Bello’s heirs claim that the two companies knew or should have known that their popular, expensive music machines were faulty from the very beginning. According to the Bell family, this negligence has led to the deaths of a great number of piano players. As a class-action lawsuit, the Bello heirs are asking for monetary compensation for medical and funeral expenses, lost wages, past and future lost income, pain and suffering, past and future effects of the accident, and other losses which may arise as a result of the case. They are also seeking an out-of-court settlement.

The company was already manufacturing other high-end piano brands such as the grand piano line, when the Bello family entered into the picture.

The first injury occurred to Diego Bello when he tripped on a loose carpet during a move in a hotel. He sustained a broken leg, which required surgery. Another man, identified as Gabriel Bello, died from the injuries sustained in that accident. Both men had entered into a contractual agreement with Yamaha relating to the maintenance and care of their piano collections.

Bello’s son, Mario, is the main plaintiff in the case.

In addition to providing support for his father, Mario is acting as a spokesperson for the family in the media. He says that his father always told him that he would not be relying on his playing skills to provide for his family. He is adamant that Yamaha’s negligenceful actions have resulted in his untimely death.

The case is being fought on different points of contention. According to the plaintiffs, Yamaha should have been aware of the dangers inherent in using unbalanced pianos. They argue that even a trained expert cannot determine the cause of an untimely death from such hazards. They are also seeking damages for the mental and physical anguish endured by their son as a result of his parent’s negligence.

The Bello family has hired the services of an experienced class action attorney to represent them in the case.

Michael J. Schloss, attorney at law, is handling the litigation for the plaintiffs. He anticipates that the case will go forward in a period of time where there are certain dynamics that need to be addressed. For instance, there are certain statutes of limitations that may apply in such cases and questions of liability regarding the manufacturer’s warranty and its relationship with the carelessness of the store owner.

In addition to Michael J. Schloss, attorney at law, the Bello family is represented by Jeffrey S. Waite, an attorney in San Diego, California.

Mr. Waite has handled several similar wrongful death cases. He is fully confident that the case will succeed. In fact, he feels that it has a much better chance of being resolved satisfactorily than other cases with comparable circumstances. This is primarily due to the complexity of the issue and the dearth of controllable facts.

The Bello case is one of the few instances in which the jury has been asked to determine the amount of damages due to the wrongful death of a parent.

A judge has already determined the amount of the settlement to be awarded to the surviving family members of the deceased. There is a statute of limitation that requires that a wrongful death lawsuit must be filed within a certain period of time after the date of the wrongful death. This statute of limitation varies from state to state, but in almost all states, it is 10 years or more.

There are many qualified attorney at law available to handle the case. Many of them have handled cases that are like this in the past and can provide the necessary legal expertise to move the process along quickly. There are also specialists in the area of personal injury that can review the information provided by the parents, gather additional information, and advise their clients on various options that may be applicable to their particular situation. These attorneys are often retained for a contingency fee, which means that they only get paid if their client’s case is successful and they receive compensation for their work.

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