When to Hire a Workers’ Compensation Lawyer

When to Hire a Workers’ Compensation Lawyer

When to hire a workers’ comp lawyer can vary depending on what has happened to you. It could be an accident, injury, or illness at work that has caused you chronic pain. Workers comp lawyers can help you through the discomforts that are a result of injury or illness at work.

Many people are afraid to contact a workers comp lawyer because they may appear as a thief or a fraud. This is why it is very important to only contact a lawyer you trust when it comes time for workers comp claims.

Hiring a Workers’ Compensation Lawyer

  • The initial case evaluation will determine if you qualify for workers’ compensation benefits. If you do qualify, you can ask your lawyer for advice on how to proceed with your workers’ compensation claim. During the initial case evaluation, you should keep tabs on everything that is said to you by the workers’ comp lawyer. You should record every conversation you have with the lawyer. You should also keep track of any progress that is made on your behalf.
  • During the initial case evaluation, you will be asked several questions by your workers’ compensation lawyer. You will need to provide information that will help your lawyer to form an understanding of what happened during the work injury. You should discuss details about the day you sustained the injury, the activities you were involved in, any physical or emotional stress you were experiencing, and whether there were any warning signs prior to your injury. You will also need to give your lawyer a thorough description of the work injury.
  • After the initial case evaluation, your lawyer will ask you to provide them with a lot of information. You will need to explain to your workers’ compensation lawyer exactly what happened leading up to your injury. You will also need to describe the symptoms that you experienced immediately following your accident. Your workers’ compensation lawyer will ask you about whether there are any previous injuries and whether or not you have had any past surgeries. These are all important details that will be used to evaluate your claim.
  • When it comes time for the settlement conference, you will need to provide your workers’ comp lawyer with a summary of your claim. This will include your medical bills, copies of any reports or documents related to your rehabilitation, and other documentation that may be helpful. Your lawyer will then review this information and determine if your workers’ compensation claim is valid. If it is valid, he will then present your case to the insurance company for review.


In most cases, you will reach a settlement between your workers’ comp lawyer and the insurance company. However, there are instances where the insurance company will fight your workers’ compensation claim. If this occurs, you will need to have an experienced workers’ compensation lawyer like Tacoma workers’ compensation lawyers to represent your claim.

This is because an experienced workers’ compensation lawyer has more knowledge of state laws and how they apply to your work injury. Without a skilled workers’ compensation lawyer, you may be stuck paying thousands of dollars in workers’ compensation benefits that you did not deserve to receive.


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