What Is a Litigation Lawyer?

What Is a Litigation Lawyer?

The US market size for law firms is worth a staggering 329.7 billion in 2021. It’s one of the industries that has continued to experience growth amid COVID-19.

Among the most in-demand legal experts in the country today are litigation lawyers. But what is a litigation lawyer? What can they do for you?

This post answers these questions, so keep reading.

What Is a Litigation Lawyer?

A litigation lawyer refers to a lawyer who represents clients in court. These attorneys represent individuals facing lawsuits, including criminal charges.

Depending on your specific legal issue, you may decide to hire either a civil litigation lawyer or a business litigation lawyer. The main difference between the two is that a civil litigation attorney represents lawsuits between individuals to ensure that their legal rights are protected, while a business litigation attorney specializes in business entities.

Generally, commercial litigation tends to be more complex, and cases tend to drag in court for much longer than civil litigation. As you might expect, business litigation attorneys tend to be more expensive than their counterparts.

Which Situations Call for the Help of a Litigation Attorney?

Generally, it’s a wise idea to seek the help of an attorney the moment you’re named as a defendant in any type of lawsuit. The last thing you want to do is defend claims without an experienced attorney.

So which specific situations require a litigation attorney? One example is when you have a commercial dispute within your company. An employee that experiences discrimination, for instance, may hire a litigation lawyer.

A litigation attorney can also prove helpful when you wish to settle a past debt, are involved in a personal injury case, or have an ex-spouse that isn’t paying financial support. For other instances when it may be suitable to hire a litigation attorney, head to https://consumerprotection.net/new-york-city-fdcpa-litigation-lawyer/ and learn more.

Why Is Hiring a Litigation Lawyer Worth the Cost?

Hiring a seasoned litigation attorney comes with many benefits. Here are five of them.

You May Get to Save Money

One of the top reasons people consider representing themselves in court is to avoid paying legal fees. In reality, hiring a litigation lawyer could help you save money. The right attorney can help you avoid fines, penalty fees, and court costs.

Depending on your case, you may not even have to pay your attorney if you win the lawsuit.

A Lawyer Saves You From Incriminating Yourself

An experienced litigation attorney takes the time to coach their clients on what to say in court. Without a legal background, you may not know the difference between speaking honestly and saying too much. It’s your attorney’s responsibility to help you say only what you need to so you don’t incriminate yourself.

You Get Peace of Mind

Sure, there may be no law against representing yourself when facing a lawsuit. However, most people that choose this route end up regretting it, including attorneys.

When you choose to face a lawsuit alone, you put yourself too close to your case. Even a simple dispute may turn into a complicated lawsuit because you chose to be inflexible.

A lawyer can negotiate on your behalf without emotions getting in the way. It’s just the peace of mind you need when facing a lawsuit.

An Attorney Is Well-Versed With the Complex Court Procedures

As you’re going to find out, court procedures can be quite tedious. You need a legal expert who’s familiar with these procedures. Knowing the relevant court rules and procedures is essential when it comes to correctly arguing a case.

No judge will excuse you for not abiding by the right court procedures just because you lack legal experience.

The Other Party Most Likely Has an Attorney

One of the biggest reasons to hire a litigation attorney is if the other party in your case has already hired an attorney. If you choose to represent yourself, the other party’s attorney will try to take advantage of your inexperience. Chances are the opposing attorney will fight dirty and do everything to make you incriminate yourself.

How Do Litigation Lawyers Bill Clients?

A litigation attorney can bill you in one of two ways. They can bill you on a contingency basis or for billable hours.

In most cases, plaintiff lawyers suing on your behalf will opt for contingency billing, while most defense lawyers bill hourly. Business litigation attorneys may opt for other billing approaches.

During your first interview, enquire what billing approach your attorney will use.

What Is the Average Litigation Lawyer Salary?

The national average litigation attorney salary is $96,836 per year. That translates to $47 per hour.

Choosing the Right Litigation Attorney

With so many litigation attorneys in the US, knowing which one to work with may not be an easy affair. A sure way to make the right decision is to use referrals. Friends and relatives who’ve worked with litigation attorneys may be able to recommend a dependable attorney.

It also helps to find out how much experience your potential litigation attorney has. In particular, enquire about how many cases they’ve handled before and how often they handle cases.

Verify how the attorney handles payments. The goal is to work with an attorney whose approach to billing you’re comfortable with.

A Litigation Attorney May Prove Highly Beneficial to You

We hope that we’ve fully answered your question, “What is a litigation lawyer?” As you’ve seen, having such a professional on your side when facing a lawsuit can be the difference between losing and winning your case. Before hiring a litigation attorney, be sure to look for the right qualities.

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