What Can a Birth Injury Law Firm Can Do to Help You?

What Can a Birth Injury Law Firm Can Do to Help You?

Doctors save lives, the pandemic is proof of that!

However, there are times when doctors make severe mistakes. These mistakes can lead to patient harm.

One of the most devastating mistakes that can happen is when there is a birth injury. A birth injury can result in the death of a child or cause severe handicap.

If you are a parent whose child experienced a birth injury you may be seeking legal compensation.

Hiring a birth injury law firm is one of the best ways to ensure that you win your case. Here’s a look at what happens in this type of lawsuit.

What Does a Birth Injury Lawyer Do?

A birth injury lawyer specializes in helping parents whose children have preventable medical conditions. These conditions are usually brought about by negligence on the part of the child’s physician. You can learn more about these birth injuries here.

Before a birth injury lawsuit can happen, your lawyer will need to do some investigation. Investigations into the claim usually result in an analysis of medical records, and those involved in medical treatments are often contacted.

Birth Injury Lawsuits

Birth injury lawsuits are usually started when a complaint is officially filed in a circuit court.

The next step in the lawsuit is the discovery phase. During the discovery phase facts as well as evidence is gathered by all the parties involved. The investigation of birth injuries usually involves depositions by witnesses.

The discovery phase can last up to two years and can be very tedious, as a lot of evidence gets gathered. The third stage is usually the time for negotiation, and if no settlement occurs the case goes to trial.

During a trial, the parents of the injured child are usually called in to give testimonies. Testimonies will be heard from expert witnesses as well.

Hire a Birth Injury Law firm

As you can see these cases are very complicated and they can take a very long time from start to finish. If you must file one of these lawsuits, it is always best not to go it alone but hire a professional to do it for you.

There is a lot of paperwork involved and if it is not filled out correctly, you may end up delaying the case or losing it altogether.

Win Your Case

If you have filed a birth injury claim then naturally you want to win the case. Understanding the entire process is a necessity.

Hiring a birth injury law firm to assist you with the process can ensure that the case goes in your favor.

Your lawyer will take the time to make sure that proper investigations are done and that witnesses are gathered. This can go a long way in ensuring that your lawsuit is successful.

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