Venlafaxine Lawsuit

Venlafaxine Lawsuit

A Venapro Lawsuit

Venlafaxine lawsuit results have been inconclusive. One study done at the Harbor UCLA Medical Center, however, showed a significant difference between Venlafaxine and placebo in terms of weight loss. The study tested twenty overweight men with depression who were trying to lose an additional thirty pounds. At the end of the four week trial, there was no difference between the groups in weight loss. Study participant noticed an increase in appetite and a decrease in their urge to exert themselves.

There is, however, much more evidence to suggest that Venlafaxine can be helpful in treating depression and other conditions.

The serotonin reuptake inhibitor is believed to correct chemical imbalances in the brain, specifically the serotonin activity. Serotonin is considered the “happy hormone” and is responsible for regulating mood, appetite, sleep, libido, sexual functioning, and more. There are numerous medications on the market designed to control serotonin activity and improve mood, including Prozac (Sertraline), Zoloft (Zoloft), Paxil (Paxil), and Celexa (Citalopram). All of these medications have been approved by the FDA as being safe and effective for treating certain types of disorders.

However, some research has shown that these medications may not be as effective as originally believed.

In fact, some antidepressants like Prozac, Zoloft, Paxil, and Celexa have increased the rate of suicidal ideation and behavior in recent years. Some studies even show that these same antidepressants like Venlafaxine increase both suicidal ideation and attempts at suicide when compared to placebo controls. Because of this study, the FDA has placed a black box warning on the product stating that there is a possibility the use of Venlafaxine could lead to an increase in suicidal thoughts and/or attempts. However, the FDA state that they will monitor Venlafaxine closely and take further action if there is a problem.

The other side effects of Venlafaxine include muscle relaxation, insomnia, fatigue, and nausea. In the case of insomnia, many patients report waking up many times through the night. Fatigue is often a problem, as well as nausea. Because Venlafaxine is a monoamine oxidase inhibitor (MAOI) meaning it blocks both MAOIs and serotonin, this could explain some of the feelings of depression experienced by Venlafaxine users. Other antidepressants like Zoloft, Paxil, and Celexa do not have this side effect.

One of the interesting side effects of Venapro is weight loss.

This seems to be an effect experienced by many Venapro users. Of course, since Venapro is considered a prescription medication, many physicians are not allowing patients to start taking it until they have received a written prescription from their doctor. Therefore, it is not always possible to know how much Venapro will affect your weight unless you ask your doctor.

Like other antidepressants in the Venapro family, Venapro has had some pretty serious side effects reported in clinical trials.

In one study, researchers found that elderly patients who took Venapro had increased suicidal ideation and thoughts of suicide. Also, researchers noted that the number of cases of aggressive behavior or hostility toward staff or patients that came to the attention of the treating physician went up in the Venapro group as well. This, along with the fact that some patients started to lose their hair, led researchers to believe that the treatment was not as effective as the manufacturer had claimed it would be.

One case that made the news, and got press coverage in the USA, was the story of a woman whose husband became terminally ill while on the Venapro treatment.

The woman, unable to bear children, took the drug for four years. She finally received a settlement from her husband’s company after filing a lawsuit. As you might expect, the case wasn’t resolved in the courts but rather with a confidentiality agreement between her husband. A similar suit is pending against the company that makes Venapro.

So, is Venapro worth trying? Only you can decide if you think a Venapro lawsuit might be worth pursuing. If one person in your household has had cases of severe depression, or any other mental health problems, then maybe it’s worth a shot. However, it’s important to note that there are hardly any studies showing that this drug works, and the people in the Venapro lawsuits had to sue because their symptoms were caused by Venapro, so it’s not clear how much harm Venapro might have caused them.

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