The Backyard Masters Lawsuit

The Backyard Masters Lawsuit

Backyard Masters is a new company that has filed its first lawsuit in the United States. The owners of the land were not allowed to build a dog house on it and they are now seeking damages for trespass, malicious prosecution and intentional tort. There is no guarantee they will win their case, but that may be due in part to the fact that they have never litigated a such issue in the past.

Many people wonder if their neighbors have a right to be concerned about them because they live so close to their neighbors.

There are thousands of cases every year where homeowners who are exercising their right to quiet enjoyment file a suit against their noisy neighbors. Sometimes these suits get quite expensive. This lawsuit against Backyard Masters may well be worth a few hundred dollars to the owner of the land.

It all started when neighbors complained that the dogs were being let into the backyard on a regular basis. The owner quickly made changes to ensure the dogs did not have access to the backyard. One of the changes was to paint the dogs white. It may not have been apparent to the neighbors that the change meant that the dogs could peck at the other dogs or even at people walking on the land.

When the lawsuit was filed against Backyard Masters, it was because the owner was keeping the other dogs on the property without a permit.

He had also installed fencing that was too low allowing the wind to go through and disturb the grass. Now he admits that it was necessary to correct that problem.

There were also problems with another neighbor’s yard. The dog ran off to chase herding goats and he did not secure the grass fence to prevent the dogs from escaping. In addition, there was no gate to keep the goats in.

When the owners of Backyard Masters got together to discuss their lawsuit, they quickly realized that their issues with neighbors went way beyond the fence and goat issues.

The owner of the neighboring home said he never bought the house. Instead he let the former tenant live there. She became suspicious when he did not return three months after he moved in. He did finally return but was gone for six months before the suit was filed.

The new neighbors sued Backyard Masters for animal cruelty. They claimed that the owner of the home did not protect the goats and rabbits that lived inside the house. They further alleged that the defendant failed to make sure the animals had plenty of space outside the home and did not provide proper shelter. The lawsuit also claims that the defendant failed to make the needed repairs to prevent the incidents from occurring.

Backyard Masters is being represented by a law firm.

Lawyers with that firm have handled many cases involving backyard owners. Hopefully this case will end in some type of compromise between the parties. For the moment, all that can be said is that Backyard Masters is dealing with a liability lawsuit that involves the neighbor’s dogs and grass. It is too early to tell how this will play out, but one thing is for certain: If the owners of this residential real estate empire can’t keep their properties up to local code, they may find themselves in serious trouble.

The owner of the backyard that was hit says that he has already made several changes to prevent problems like this from ever happening again. That’s good news because it means that pets and other animals will have a safe place to live in the backyard of those who pay for the right to do so. Unfortunately, that change does not mean that there are no more hazards in Backyard Masters’ backyard. There have been reports of missing goats and rabbits in the past few weeks. Those goats and rabbits could be a problem for any neighborhood pet. Hopefully, those owners who own the land under Backyard Masters’ coverage will make it clear that they will not tolerate animal abuse on their property.

It’s too bad that nothing seems to be going right for Backyard Masters.

However, they are in the business of selling homes, not long-term care insurance. Whether or not the company is legally able to continue serving customers from this lawsuit is in doubt. What is certain is that all owners and potential owners of the land where Backyard Masters is located are probably very concerned about the safety of their pets and they are most likely also nervous about the lawsuit that may be pending against them. They should contact an attorney immediately if they think that something like this could happen to any of their renters.

For the meantime, the best advice that anyone who owns a piece of land with a backyard should heed is this: Take the time to inspect your backyard thoroughly before you list it for sale. If you find anything that looks out of the ordinary, you may want to reconsider your plans to sell. This is especially true if the out-of-the-ordinary feature is causing you to have to pay higher premiums on your homeowner’s insurance policy. Of course, if the feature in question only requires minor repair, you should be able to keep it. However, that’s better than getting stuck with a backyard that will kill your bank account and your spirits!

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