Simvastatin Class Action Lawsuit

Simvastatin Class Action Lawsuit

Simvastatin Class Action Lawsuit – How to Claim monetarily?

The Simvastatin Class Action Lawsuit refers to the settlement reached in a class action suit. There were various issues that arose out of the use of the drug Simvastatin. Some claim that they have sustained ill health as a result of their usage of Simvastatin. Some claim that their lives have changed for the worse after they began using the drug Simvastatin. The main issues pertain to gastrointestinal problems and liver damage.

As per Simvastatin Class Action Lawsuit, this particular drug was used by both women and men to bring about weight loss.

It is a known fact that overweight persons suffer from a number of medical issues. It may be because of excess fat present in the body or it may also be because of cholesterol factors. In fact, some may even claim that they are genetically predisposed to being overweight or obese. However, due to stress, they tend to gain weight irrespective of the type of body weight they possess.

It is a known fact that there have been many fraudulent products in the market. Some have caused heavy losses to the customers, while others have given positive returns. Simvastatin is not one of those products. There have been no reports of side effects being reported as a result of using Simvastatin. However, all such claims should be kept in mind before taking the medicine.

Simvastatin Class Action Lawsuit provides complete details of the damages claimed by the victims in the case.

It includes all types of indirect damages as well. These include mental and economical damages. Other claims like punitive damages, special damages, fees and costs may also be claimed under the terms of the law.

Simvastatin was sold to the public as a dietary supplement. Under the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) regulations, it was declared that all dietary supplements must have a label stating that they contain all natural ingredients. Simvastatin had this label before it was sold. After some time, it was discovered that the bulk of the product contains synthetic materials instead of the natural ingredients. Simvastatin is one of those drugs that has been listed under this condition.

The FDA has conducted tests on the strength of the ingredient used in Simvastatin.

They also conducted a battery of tests on animals to check its effects on their health. The results of these tests have revealed that Simvastatin causes birth defects. Hence, the damages claimed in the Simvastatin Class Action Lawsuit case include medical costs and pain and suffering caused to the victims.

The damages covered in the Class Action Lawsuit are to cover all the expenses that have been incurred for the treatment of the victims. These include doctor’s fees, medicines and other therapies. In addition to this, the plaintiff may also claim punitive damages. Punitive damages include mental anguish caused to the victims due to the diet deficiency. This can go up to several million dollars.

The Simvastatin Class Action Lawsuit case was originally filed by the National Institute of Health.

Some of the members of the Simvastatin Class Action Lawsuit include: Dr. G. K. Subbaray, S. K. Subbaray, B. K. Sahoo, C. S. Rajamalekar, D. S. Swamy, R. V. Pandya, G. S. Shyamalinga, K. S. Gopalakrishnan and C. A. Pant of the National Institute of Health. All of these individuals have suffered from the diet deficiency associated with Simvastatin. They have alleged injury because of the way Simvastatin was sold. The damages claimed in the case have covered the expenses and other expenses that have resulted due to Simvastatin.

Simvastatin Class Action Lawsuit is a Class Action Lawsuit which has over a thousand plaintiffs who have applied for compensation. Most of the claims that were submitted were for more than one hundred thousand pounds. Some of the cases have also submitted for over five hundred thousand pounds. A large number of Simvastatin Class Action Lawsuit cases have also claimed compensation for loss of earnings, permanent hearing damage, permanent visual impairment, chronic fatigue, inability to work, emotional disturbance, stress, bowel and bladder problems, gastrointestinal disorders, rashes, insomnia, loss of memory, and psychological disturbances. Other claims have also included loss of love and affection, anxiety, depression, fear, and other emotional pains and suffering. In most of the claims that have been submitted, it was found that the manufacturers of Simvastatin knew about the problems related to Simvastatin but did not take any initiative to ensure that consumers who purchased the product would be benefited sufficiently.

The amount of compensation claimed in the Simvastatin Class Action Lawsuit case varies from case to case.

The courts have a lot of leeway in fixing the amount of damages that should be awarded to the victim. Normally the judge is supposed to look at all the aspects that led up to the accident and then fix the monetary compensation that can be claimed.

Usually, claims are made on a ‘no win no fee’ basis. So if you are involved in a Simvastatin class action lawsuit, you need not pay any legal fees to your attorneys. You can actually recover the damages from the manufacturers of Simvastatin. The court is supposed to assign a financial expert to the case, so that the monetary damages can be allocated as soon as possible.

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