Settlement of the Naked Juice Class-Action Lawsuit

Settlement of the Naked Juice Class-Action Lawsuit

In the fall of 2011, PepsiCo agreed to settle a class-action lawsuit over the company’s Naked juice products, which contained hidden GMOs and other ingredients. The California-based manufacturer will now stop labeling the drinks as “all-natural” and will instead provide refunds to consumers. The company will also no longer use the phrase “only the freshest, purest stuff in the world” on its labels.

The class-action lawsuit filed by Sara Sandys is an attempt to force Naked Juice to remove the term “natural” from its product line.

While the company says its products are 100 percent juice, the plaintiffs claim that the ingredient was not labeled as such. The resulting settlement involves a $9 million settlement, allowing the company to continue using the “all-natural” label on its drinks.

To resolve this lawsuit, the plaintiffs will have to prove that the Naked Juice they drink is not made from natural or organic ingredients. The company is accused of misleading consumers by claiming that their drinks are all-natural but contain substantial amounts of artificial ingredients, including GMOs, synthetic ingredients, and even trace chemicals that create formaldehyde. Despite the court ruling, the company has agreed to change its labeling, which will hopefully result in more transparency.

As a result of this settlement, Naked Juice agreed to stop labeling its juices as “natural” and will pay $9 million.

Nonetheless, the company continues to deny the plaintiffs’ claims. The company will also drop the word “natural” from the Naked Juice product labels until further guidance from the FDA. This is an example of what happens when labels are misleading. And when it comes to marketing, false advertising is the biggest obstacle to a successful settlement.

Despite the court ruling, the case is still ongoing. Despite the lawsuit, the company has decided to settle a class-action lawsuit involving the company’s use of cheap, nutrient-poor juices. It also has removed the “all-natural” label and stopped using genetically modified soy in its products. Ultimately, this settlement is not a resolution, but a settlement.

As a result of the settlement, Naked Juice has agreed to pay $9 million in legal fees.

Nevertheless, the company continues to deny the claims of the plaintiffs, despite the settlement. It also agrees to remove the word “natural” from the labels of its products until the FDA provides guidance. Court-approved apologies for the company’s false advertising will be made before any final judgment is made.

The Naked Juice lawsuit has received global attention, and the company is paying $9 million to settle the suit. The suit alleges that the company has misrepresented the ingredients in its juice. It has also been suggested that the company does not make the product’s claims based on its data. Its claim was initially denied by Snopes but the company agreed to remove the word “natural” from its labels until the FDA gives guidance.

According to the Naked Juice lawsuit, the company used false and misleading labels to promote its products.

The company also uses low-calorie, nutrient-poor juices, which are not naturally occurring. In addition, the company uses calcium pantothenate, which is a synthetic compound that has been linked to cancer. The ingredients in the Naked Juice products are made using genetically modified soy and have been contaminated with formaldehyde.

The Naked Juice lawsuit claims that the company used a deceptive labeling scheme that failed to disclose the presence of GMOs and synthetic ingredients in its drinks. The company has since removed the “natural” label from its juices and paid $9 million. Although the suit hasn’t been settled, it’s not entirely over. Regardless of the outcome, the litigation has brought the company into the spotlight.

The lawsuit claims that Naked Juice uses artificial ingredients and other harmful ingredients. The company maintains that the products are not unhealthy, but a recent study has revealed that the juices contain high levels of formaldehyde. While the FDA doesn’t have a definite definition of “natural”, there is still an ongoing lawsuit involving Naked Juice. Despite these legal proceedings, PepsiCo’s apologists have defended the brand.

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