Pisgah Legal Services

Pisgah Legal Services was originally an innovative, non-profit law firm established in 1978 which provides free, civil legal assistance to those who need it, offers free help to the most vulnerable people in underprivileged communities yearly to meet urgent personal needs, works with hundreds of other social service agencies to create sustainable change, and coordinates the legal services of pro Bono or free legal counselors. The company is committed to helping its clients achieve their goals and improve their lives. They have offices in most states across the United States and provide free consultation at their website.

The legal services offered by Pisgah are provided to the low income groups through different legal and non-legal services such as divorce, bankruptcy, child custody, worker’s compensation, disability discrimination and domestic violence. These services are available to people at all walks of life and ages and are tailored to their specific needs. All cases are evaluated on an individual basis with a full legal evaluation, case history analysis, and a thorough criminal background check to determine the suitability of a given case. The goal of Pisgah is to offer a superior legal service to their clients.

The legal assistance offered by Pisgah is not limited to just a legal aid. The company also provides advice on housing, health, and education to those who may be facing challenges to their survival in these areas. The company also has a hotline that is available to call and speak with legal services team at any time of day or night.

The company works hard to ensure that they provide their clients with the best possible legal assistance while also providing them with a sense of self-confidence and self-worth. They encourage their clients to pursue their goals of pursuing justice without them being aware of it.

Pisgah has grown tremendously over the years. They were established in the mid-eighties as a small law firm with only four lawyers. In addition to their original three lawyers, Pisgah now has two attorneys, three associates, and two administrative personnel.

Pisgah prides itself on providing personal attention to their clients. Every person that speaks with a Pisgah attorney wants to leave knowing that their needs will be met to the best of their knowledge and understanding. They will not settle for less than the best. and do not believe that they can give you the same quality legal service that a larger law firm could. provide.

If you need legal assistance and/or legal advice, contact a Pisgah attorney today. Do not let your problems be another person’s tragedy. The company will be happy to work with you to find the solution to your problem.

Pisgah is one of the few nonprofit organizations that can truly provide the type of legal assistance that is needed. Their goal is to help those who need it the most.

Pisgah does not discriminate against any gender, race, or class when trying to help people with their legal issues. They realize that everybody deserves the same right and chance to enjoy life in the same manner that they choose. They understand that there is nothing wrong with people trying to get through life by their own means.

Pisgah attorneys are trained to work with all types of clients, from individuals with no criminal background to corporations with many employees. They will try their best to help you find the solutions to your problems.

If you have any questions about their legal services, don’t be afraid to call their hotline at any time of day or night. The answering service is always available.

Being a Pisgah lawyer can be an amazing experience. They will strive to ensure that their client is treated with respect and dignity. They understand that your rights are more important than any monetary compensation that they may earn.

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