Seroquel Side Effects and Lawsuits Against Seroquel

Seroquel Side Effects and Lawsuits Against Seroquel

When there are a number of cases in which people are claiming that Seroquel (an antipsychotic drug) caused them to have side effects that they would rather not have to deal with, it is easy to see why there are some lawsuits against Seroquel being filed. Here is a look at the many types of side effects that are being filed against Seroquel.

One of the most common, and perhaps most upsetting, effects of Seroquel is the fact that it can cause hallucinations. While this is not always possible, it is possible that hallucinations can occur due to side effects. For example, there are those who have had hallucinations after taking Seroquel, even though the hallucinations were only present for a short time. Those who claim that they had hallucinations after taking Seroquel include those who suffer from post-traumatic stress disorder, or post-traumatic schizophrenia.

Another side effect of Seroquel is weight loss. This is a very unpleasant side effect, since the person being medicated must lose weight, especially since the weight is caused by a drop in the body’s ability to process fat.

Some people claim that Seroquel has caused them to go bald, although the amount of baldness caused by the drug varies from person to person. While some people claim to have lost almost all of their hair due to Seroquel, others may only lose some.

Another adverse effect of Seroquel is sexual dysfunction. There are many doctors who believe that this may be the result of a drug known as anandamine, which affects how the brain interprets sexual stimuli. Seroquel causes the body to produce anandamine, causing a person to have a less than desirable sexual experience.

The most dramatic and tragic side effect of Seroquel is death. Since Seroquel is used to treat severe depression, those who take it often become depressed. Depression can lead to suicide, and while Seroquel is not known to directly cause death, the effects of the drug have caused many of those who have taken it to commit suicide.

There are also a few doctors who believe that Seroquel is one of the drugs that caused the death of actress Robin Williams. Williams had stopped taking the drug a few years before his untimely death, and there are those who claim that he was suffering from an overdose on Seroquel before he died.

As you can see, there are many different side effects of Seroquel. No matter what your reason for wanting to file a lawsuit against Seroquel, you should contact a qualified attorney who can review the case and determine if you have a case. Even if there is not enough evidence that your lawsuit will result in a monetary award, the attorney may be able to help you in negotiating with the company who manufactures Seroquel to change the dosage or even stop the use of the drug altogether. If you are the primary user of the drug, you may also be able to get compensation for the costs associated with taking it and the medical bills associated with taking the drug.

Remember, it’s important to remember that the drugs listed above are just a few of the drugs that could potentially cause side effects. While you may be able to sue Seroquel due to these specific side effects, you should also be aware that there are other drugs that can do similar things and cause the same side effects.

In addition to being able to sue a drug due to its side effects, you may also be able to sue the manufacturer. If the drug is sold through the internet, you may be able to sue the manufacturer directly, since the site selling the drug is responsible for the safety, quality, and effectiveness of the medication. if there were any problems that you claim were caused by the medication.

Remember, any lawsuit that includes Seroquel is likely to be very complicated. and you should only proceed with an attorney who has experience in this field.

It is possible to make claims against Seroquel and make claims against both the drug and the manufacturer, which means you should consult with an attorney who specializes in these types of cases. This is an extremely complex area of law, so you want to choose an attorney who is well versed in the area and who can explain all the issues and problems that you face.

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