How Does A Car Accident Settlement Work in Orlando, Florida?

How Does A Car Accident Settlement Work in Orlando, Florida?

After suffering severe injuries in an auto collision, one of the things you’ll want to do after getting medical attention is to seek compensation from the responsible party.

Unfortunately, the process of pursuing full and fair settlement can be quite complicated. The other driver’s insurer may deny liability or shortchange you during settlement negotiations. And for that reason, you owe it to yourself to enlist a reliable accident attorney to help you understand the settlement process and get the compensation you deserve.

Here are four simple steps involved in a Florida car accident settlement process.

1. Preparation

The settlement process often begins before the dust even settles from your car accident. Besides seeking medical attention, regardless of how you feel, you will want to gather all the evidence needed when filing a personal injury claim. These may include:

  • Photos of the crash scene,
  • The police report,
  • Any medical information regarding your accident-related injury
  • Witness to the Accident

2. Accident investigation

Once you have filed a claim with the at-fault driver’s insurer, they will assign an adjuster to investigate your claim’s authenticity. This process often includes examining the official traffic crash report, witness reports, and consulting with medical experts and accident specialists.

As with the nature of any other business, insurance company adjusters will be on the lookout for flaws in your claim and try to offer you lower amounts to minimize expenditure. This is where the services of a dependable Orlando car accident attorney come in handy.

3. Settlement negotiation

Once the at-fault’s insurer is through with the investigation, they may present a settlement offer, especially if they believe the other driver was at fault. You may accept the offer if you think it’s fair enough, or your Orlando car accident attorney may help you negotiate by providing a counteroffer.

If you and the other driver’s insurance company reach an agreement, you will sign the settlement forms, and your lawyer will collect your payment. By signing the settlement documentation, you agree to give up any possibility of ever pursuing a legal claim against the driver at fault in the case in question.

4. Filing a lawsuit

The settlement negotiations do not always have a happy ending. If you feel that you are not getting a fair deal following your attorney’s advice, litigation may be the only option. You and your attorney can choose to take your case to trial, and the judge or jury will decide on the fair amount of compensation for you based on the available evidence.

If you opt to file a lawsuit, you must do this within four years after your accident occurs. After this period, you may lose the right to recover the compensation you deserve.

Talk to An Orlando Car Accident Attorney Today

If you or a loved one has been injured in a car accident, getting an attorney should be the first step after seeking medical attention. Besides helping you in negotiations, an experienced Orlando car accident attorney will advise you on the necessary actions to ensure that you succeed at getting fair compensation.

Car Accident lawyers understand the stress of navigating the legal hurdles associated with car accident settlements, and can make it easy for you. Find a personal injury attorney with years of experience and in the local market.

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