How Do Land of Lincoln Attorneys Handle Cases?

How Do Land of Lincoln Attorneys Handle Cases?

The Land of Lincoln Legal Assistance Foundation provides legal assistance for people facing a home foreclosure. Robert and Bernice, who lived on Social Security and a small pension, were 18 months behind on their mortgage. With no money in their bank account, they were unable to pay their mortgage. They were advised to hire attorneys from the Land of Lincoln Legal Assistance Foundation, who represented them in mediation and forced the lender to review their file. As a result, they managed to stay in their home.

Restrictions on the types of cases handled by land of lincoln attorneys

Although there are some restrictions on the types of cases that Land of Lincoln attorneys can handle, the vast majority of cases they handle are appropriate for this organization. These attorneys have a strong commitment to the elderly and other vulnerable populations in the state, and their expertise will make them a good choice for your legal needs. If you’re wondering if this organization can handle your case, read on to find out how it works.

Funding sources

Lawyers in the state of Illinois rely on several funding sources for their work. The Legal Service Corporation funds the Land of Lincoln’s offices, and the Lawyers Trust Fund of Illinois funds statewide changes to legal aid organizations. Legal Aid Foundation of Illinois, which covers northern Illinois counties not served by Land of Lincoln, recently moved to a new case management system known as LegalServer. This technology allows attorneys to communicate easily with the Legal Advice and Referral Center, based in East St. Louis.

In 1996, the Land of Lincoln Legal Services Corporation was hit by a budget cut of 28%, leaving 8 offices and 44 attorneys to serve 65 counties. In response to this drastic cut, the Land of Lincoln Legal Services Corporation conducted long-range planning and set goals to diversify funding sources and develop new service delivery methods. One such goal was to open a Legal Advice and Referral Center, which opened in 1999. The LLARC provides free telephone intake and referral services for residents throughout the service area.


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Recipients of bartylak award

The Land of Lincoln recently honored two attorneys with the Joseph R. Bartylak Pro Bono Award. John Elder is a longtime pro bono volunteer at the organization in the eastern region of Illinois. Ramona Sullivan, a Senior Attorney in the Eastern Region Office in Champaign, also received the award. Both attorneys had been involved with Land of Lincoln for years. Sullivan accepted a case in which the deceased had a foreign will, and a foreign-based will was involved.

John Thies is the current President of the Land of Lincoln Legal Assistance Foundation and a WT shareholder. Ethel Sylvester served on the Board for 30 years and fought to give clients the power to get their cases resolved. Her contributions were instrumental in establishing the Illinois Lawyers Assistance Program. Sylvester received the award in 2014.

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