Have You Heard of the Most Boring lawsuits?

Have You Heard of the Most Boring lawsuits?

There are many different types of lawsuits, but most of them are of the weird nature. Frivolous lawsuits are lawsuits filed solely for the purpose of irritating or harassing the sued party. Most frivolous cases are usually completely ridiculous and totally useless, only intended to earn some cash from people, corporations or businesses. It’s amazing that so often, we see news of completely frivolous and silly lawsuits slapped onto businesses or individuals.

One type of frivolous lawsuit is the hot coffee lawsuits.

If you are not aware of it, these lawsuits have been around for years. I have personally seen many cases in which the plaintiffs won, yet the defendants were allowed to continue their operations anyway, due to the fact that the plaintiffs were not able to obtain any compensation due to their unreasonable behavior. Not only are these hot coffee lawsuits very common but they are also one of the most dangerous forms of litigation.

Another funny lawsuit is the weird lawsuits against celebrities.

A few decades back, there was a movie called Dumb and Dumber. The main character was a man named Lloyd Christmas, who went on to win over the hearts of the people everywhere by correcting people’s grammar mistakes, pronunciation mistakes and many other minor things. One of the most memorable scenes from the movie is when the judge asked Christmas why he would stuff his pants so full, and he responded by saying “so you can see what my butt looks like”.

Nowadays however, there are many more people filing ridiculous lawsuits.

They usually do not have the ability to speak correctly or write correctly in English, so they just go on television to spew their nonsense. Some of these so-called “experts” are so full of themselves that they actually get hate mail for their opinions. If the judges who oversee the lawsuits filed against corporations fail to do their job, it can be disastrous for business. The companies that are sued often end up with huge financial losses, which are especially bad during a time of recession.

One case that is very bizarre but not entirely ridiculous is that of the MR. Roller.

The MR. Roller is a person who claims to be able to give people “the true beauty of the buttocks”. He has been sued on several occasions by individuals who say that his services were abused. In the first suit that was filed against him, he was sued for false advertising. This means that he failed to disclose that he was not an expert in buttock care and could never give anyone relief from having to keep going back to him in the future for treatment. As you can see, these lawsuits are filed on a fairly regular basis, but they all have the same pattern; the plaintiff will say that they were caused by the defendants, and the defendant will claim that the plaintiff is making some sort of wild and crazy claims.

The main purpose of these lawsuits is to get attention.

Some people may be interested in filing weird lawsuits against fast food restaurants, but this tactic will not work in many cases. It would be much better if individuals tried to sue large food chains, or even large oil companies, because they are more likely to stand up for themselves and not let a Big Law firm bully them into a corner. We are seeing more of this lawsuit nowadays, and while it may not be worth your time to go after a fast food restaurant, you may want to go after the oil company that dumped mercury into our water supply, or try to sue a company that is manufacturing some sort of dangerous chemical and is releasing it into the air. There are many weird lawsuits out there waiting for individuals to try to take advantage of, so keep your eyes open for them!

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