Gwinnett County Attorneys

Gwinnett County Attorneys

If you are facing a criminal charge, you may be wondering where to find a reputable Gwinnett county attorney. This article will introduce you to the various courthouses and DUI task forces in Georgia. We will also discuss the traffic court, recorder’s court, and DUI task force in this area. You will find this information useful in your decision-making process. Regardless of the charge, an experienced attorney will be your best option.

Gwinnett county attorney

When facing criminal charges, it is crucial to retain the services of a Gwinnett County attorney. Using the services of an attorney can help you protect your rights and reputation while maintaining your freedom. Gwinnett County attorneys are well-versed in Georgia’s legal system and can help you in any situation, whether it be a traffic ticket, DUI charge, or other felony crime. To learn more about the services of a Gwinnett County attorney, read on.

DUI attorneys are particularly useful in Gwinnett County, where they have experience in handling these cases. While there are no specific laws or statutes that govern DUI cases, there are common procedural requirements that all DUI defendants must meet. A Gwinnett County attorney specializes in DUI cases and is therefore capable of aggressively defending his clients from the very beginning. If you have been arrested for DUI, you have two deadlines to meet: the first is a 30-day letter deadline; the second is the administrative suspension period. You can appeal the administrative suspension within that time frame, and an experienced Georgia DUI attorney can assist you with your appeals.

Gwinnett County DUI task force

The Gwinnett County Sheriff’s Department takes drunk driving seriously, and their DUI Task Force is a key reason for their success. They arrest drunk drivers and are one of the most successful DUI task forces in Georgia. Mothers Against Drunk Driving praised the Gwinnett County DUI Task Force for their work, recognizing them as “State Agency of the Year” in 2010.

The Gwinnett County DUI Task Force is composed of specially trained police officers. The task force has a proven record of success, and police officers in the Gwinnett County Police Department receive grants from the Governor’s Office of Highway Safety. Officers must also participate in highly publicized DUI enforcement campaigns to receive their grants. They also receive extensive DUI training, including standardized field sobriety testing (SFST), which has been endorsed by the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration.

Moreover, Gwinnett DUI officers will use body cameras while transporting a DUI suspect to jail or another place. The videos of these arrests are obtained through the court process. Depending on the severity of the crime, the person may be charged with DUI. If the judge deems it appropriate, the officer may file a lawsuit to secure his or her freedom. Moreover, the Gwinnett County DUI Task Force is committed to providing quality legal defense to those arrested.

Gwinnett county traffic court

If you’ve recently been arrested for a traffic offense, you may be wondering how to get the fine reduced. While some options may be available, it can be difficult to determine which will be best for your circumstances. A reputable Gwinnett County traffic court attorney can help you with this process. Whether you’ve been stopped by police because of speeding, or you’ve been pulled over for DUI, it is important to hire a qualified lawyer to represent you in this court.

If you’re in a state like Georgia, you may be surprised to find that your traffic ticket may be complicated. In Georgia, you must physically appear in traffic court to defend yourself. If you fail to appear, you may lose your driving privileges and your bond. A traffic court attorney can help you navigate the process and seek a favorable outcome. It’s always best to seek the advice of a traffic court attorney before paying a fine.

Gwinnett county recorder’s court

The Gwinnett County Recorders Court handles traffic and criminal cases in Gwinnett County, Georgia. It is different from the Magistrate Court, which hears misdemeanor traffic cases and issues criminal warrants. As a result, this court is non-jury-based. Felonies are handled in the Gwinnett County Superior Court, where the District Attorney will prosecute them.

Judge Michael Greene recently stepped down from his post as Recorder’s Court. In his place, Norcross attorney Mihae Park will take over. Judge Park is the first woman of Asian descent to hold the position. She will fill out the unexpired term of Judge Michael Greene, who stepped down on April 30 to enter retirement. Her term will last until Dec. 31, 2023.

The county’s Solicitor Brian Whiteside has filed suit against two of the judges, saying he will only prosecute DUI cases in Gwinnett State Court. This case has a broader scope than just DUIs, however. The Recorder’s Court also handles code enforcement cases, traffic citations, and other code violations. While it is not a court of record, it does handle appeals to the Gwinnett County Superior Court.

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