FedEx Ground Lawsuit Update

In a recent article on the FedEx Ground lawsuit, the company states that they are still “deeply concerned about the situation,” and “are looking at all possible avenues of relief.” The company states, “We recognize that this is an important and challenging issue, but we continue to believe that it should be resolved through the courts,” and it adds that “there is absolutely no reason why FedEx Ground’s drivers should be subjected to harassment from other shippers.” The company also notes, “we have been working with our shippers to provide them with an opportunity to resolve their disputes with us in a timely manner.”

According to the company, it has “taken immediate steps to prevent any further injury” to their drivers. In addition, it is currently, and has always been, “committed to resolving the matter without outside litigation assistance or intervention.” The company notes, “If our drivers are subjected to unfair treatment and harassment from another shipper, that behavior will not be tolerated. We will do whatever we can to ensure that our employees remain safe while they are working.

But this lawsuit update also reveals that the shippers who filed the lawsuit against FedEx are not the only ones involved. According to the update, there are additional plaintiffs as well, and they include “a former FedEx Ground driver who was fired because of his refusal to drive packages for a competing courier company,” “a driver who was harassed by shippers and customers alike”a driver who was told by a customer that he was not welcome on the road due to his gender.” These plaintiffs are all part of a larger class action that also includes FedEx Ground drivers from a number of other delivery companies.

According to the lawsuit update, the original complaint against FedEx was “unfounded,” and it was the shippers who were involved in the harassment of FedEx Ground. According to the update, the shippers “engaged in a campaign of threatening, intimidating and harassing behavior towards FedEx Ground drivers,” including telling the drivers that they “should be glad that they’re not truck drivers” and that “no one would take the risk of hiring FedEx Ground drivers” if their deliveries were damaged. One of the drivers mentioned above, according to the lawsuit update, claims that this kind of harassment occurred while he was on the job, and he was later terminated for refusing to take on extra work.

The shippers also filed a suit against the company. According to the update, the shippers claimed that they deserved their compensation because the shippers had “acted reasonably, within the scope of their business, when it comes to shipping freight,” and they were being unfairly accused of violating the National Labor Relations Act. in the process. The complaint against the shippers also alleged that the shippers “disrupted delivery time by routinely calling the drivers to complain about their late or missed pickups.”

In addition to the shippers, the update also addresses complaints that were received by FedEx Ground. Some of these complaints included complaints about FedEx Ground drivers having to move around a trailer to make deliveries in residential areas, which the update states is “just not true,” and that the drivers were “obstructed from doing their jobs by customers’ cars and vehicles.” Another complaint says that the shippers were called “loud and obnoxious” and their vehicles “were pelted with eggs, rocks and other debris.”

According to the lawsuit update, the lawsuit was brought under California law, and the case has now been referred to the Federal Bureau of Investigation. This bureau will review all available evidence and then determine whether there is cause to pursue a suit. It is a particularly unfortunate situation, as FedEx Ground is not actually delivering services within the state of California, but instead it is serving out of Texas.

Because of the fact that it is an open secret that this type of lawsuit is often referred to as a class action lawsuit, it may not be an accurate description of the lawsuit update. However, it does describe the nature of the case, which is one in which an individual or corporation has filed a lawsuit against a business for harassment, malicious prosecution or other claims. Regardless of the terminology used in the update, this is a complex and serious matter that should be taken very seriously by both parties involved.

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