Divorce Attorneys in Longview, Texas

Divorce Attorneys in Longview, Texas

There are several benefits of hiring a divorce attorney, as well as some disadvantages. First, you should consider the cost of retaining an attorney. Divorce attorneys in Longview tend to be cheaper than their counterparts. Second, they are experienced, which makes them a better choice if you are not sure how to proceed with your case. Finally, they know the ins and outs of the Texas divorce process.

James Lostracco

The holiday season affects family law in many ways. Many people want to postpone the divorce process until after the holidays. But, divorces often happen in January because of financial disagreements. Holiday spending spurs these financial conflicts, which may lead to a divorce filing in January. And if you’re wondering how to avoid a January divorce, here are some tips. First, don’t file during the holidays.

Christina Holzwarth

When you need a reliable, compassionate attorney, choose Christina Hollwarth, a divorce and family lawyer in Longview, Texas. As a Board Certified in Family Law by the Texas Board of Legal Specialization, she is well-versed in family law and will work to reach a favorable outcome for her clients. Christina Hollwarth will tailor her services to your unique situation, allowing her to work toward a successful resolution for you.

With a diverse legal practice, Christina Hollwarth is skilled at handling all types of family law cases. She has been practicing in Longview, Texas, since 2003 and has become Board Certified in Family Law by the Texas Board of Legal Specialization. She is also a member of the Texas Bar Foundation and Gregg County Bar Association. Christina is married to Kyle Holzwarth, who has been her attorney since 2001. Christina and Kyle are active members of Longview Christian Church and are both boards certified in family law.

Robert Guest

If you need experienced divorce and family law attorneys, look no further than the Longview office of Robert Guest. Robert has been practicing law for over 16 years and has earned a reputation for his unparalleled professional service. He is also a skilled mediator who has helped countless families reach a mutually beneficial resolution. The following information will give you a better understanding of the services that Robert Guest can provide.

Rob Foster pleaded guilty to drug possession in February 2015. He disclosed that he was struggling with an addiction when he was arrested. The judge determined that if he adheres to the terms of his 10-year probation, he will not face jail time and will avoid the lifelong stigma of being labeled a felon. This is great news for his future and the well-being of his family.

Haven Charlo

If you need a Longview divorce attorney, you can turn to Haven Charlo. A skilled lawyer specializing in criminal and family law, Haven Charlo is committed to fighting for the rights of his clients while also being considerate of his clients’ needs. Since 1997, Haven has served as the most sought-after paralegal in East Texas. His legal experience spans over 25 years, and he has an excellent track record.

Haven has handled family law cases with great success. She is the wife of a police officer and has been married for over 20 years. The couple has raised four children together. Two are currently attending college and the other two are attending public schools. Her firm understands the emotional and financial toll that a divorce can take on the children of a divorcing couple. For this reason, Haven believes in a straightforward approach to divorce cases.

Jessica A. Kerscher

The founding principle of Kerscher & Kerscher, P.C. is relationships. We understand your commitments, circumstances, and needs, and fight for your rights with tenacity. Relationships bridge commitment and tenacity. Our attorneys strive to provide the best legal representation possible for each client, no matter what the circumstances may be. With a dedication to the relationship, commitment, and tenacity, we will get the best possible result for you.

As the wife of Charles M. Kerscher, Jessica has over a decade of experience in the legal field. Charles obtained his law degree from Regent University School of Law. During his tenure as an attorney, he handled cases involving child custody, child support, and adoption. He has also handled cases regarding paternity, asset tracing, and protective orders. In addition to divorce, he has successfully handled countless cases for clients across Texas.

Charles M. Kerscher

In addition to legal expertise, Kerscher & Kerscher, P.C. emphasizes relationships. These lawyers understand clients’ circumstances, needs, and commitments. They will fight tenaciously for your rights and ensure your interests are protected. The bridge between commitment and relationship is the relationship. If you’re looking for a Longview divorce attorney, contact Kerscher & Kerscher, P.C.

Attorney Kerscher has spent most of his life in the Midwest. He studied business at the University of Missouri, Columbia, where he received his Bachelor’s degree with honors in marketing. Charles Kroscher then attended Regent University School of Law, where he met his future wife, Jessica. Charles and Jessica Kroscher teamed up in Longview to create their law firm. The Longview office is the firm’s primary location.

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