Class Action Lawsuit Against Just Energy

Class Action Lawsuit Against Just Energy

A Just Energy class action lawsuit has been filed against a company that has been in the news quite often. Just Energy has been in the news because it is a “green” company that purchases the right from the electric companies and then distributes the power to individual families for a fee. The suit says that this type of action is deceptive and that the company does not provide an adequate service. They say that the families who have been paying just energy fees are being forced to buy more expensive energy, even though they cannot afford it.

A class action suit is one where there is a lawsuit concerning an entire category of cases.

These suits can be brought by anyone who has been wronged by an organization or person. In this case, Just Energy is being sued by a group of individuals who were wronged by Just Energy. The suit claims that the company’s claims about their “green” program are misleading and that they simply do not provide any service as described. This suit is a class-action lawsuit and was brought on behalf of all those who have paid just energy bills but have not received any green time or benefits.

This company sells its product at a “discounted” rate and makes money on the “bulk” charges. This means that they can increase the rates and demand higher payments in order to make a profit. This class action suit says that the company advertises its program in a way that leads customers to believe that they will receive a rebate, when what they actually get is just a promise of a discount. Another problem with Just Energy is that many people have been unable to receive benefits because they live outside the country that the company serves.

This particular lawsuit revolves around claims that the company sells over a hundred thousand false meter readings every month.

There have also been claims that they charge clients who do not need to be billed for these readings, in order to increase their sales. Other Class Action lawsuits have alleged that the company sends out misleading mail that contains false claims about rebates. The only thing about this company is that it has only recently been in the spotlight, so many people are unaware of it. It is also interesting to see that the company only receives five percent of its claims through the Just Energy program, so it is not clear at this point whether or not this company actually performs the actions that the company says it will perform.

The Class Action lawsuit against Just Energy was brought on behalf of the United States’ Federal Trade Commission, the State of New York, and the State of Massachusetts.

The suit was originally brought in federal court. It is currently in the intermediate court, and has until June to decide whether or not it will move forward with the claims. Currently, the suit has received support from the National Consumers’ Union, the Better Business Bureau, the Utility Consumer Debt Association, and the Utility Consumer Solid Waste Management Association of America. Any of these groups would have the power to move the case ahead if it did move forward.

The company has until the end of July to answer if they accept the class action lawsuit.

If they do accept the suit, they will be required to present evidence showing that they have changed their ways and will not be able to defraud the consumers of their money. If they are unable to present such proof, or refuse to change their ways, they will be forced to be put into bankruptcy, without any chance of having their charges dismissed. This could mean the end of Just Energy, which could lead to the loss of all of its customers and clients.

In the class action suit, the plaintiffs were able to ask for triple damages, or an amount of money that would cover their attorney’s fees, and other expenses.

The company, however, only agreed to pay their claims, and did not require them to stand behind their claims. This has caused a lot of the plaintiffs to lose money as they have had to purchase other electrical devices to replace ones that were ruined by the Just Energy.

As expected, the class action lawsuit is currently going through the court system, and the lawsuit must prove beyond reasonable doubt that the company is guilty of deceiving the consumers of their money. To do so, it is important for the plaintiffs to file their claims right away in order to make the lawsuit go ahead faster, and for more people to benefit from the settlement. There is currently no time limit for filing such a lawsuit, so it is important to act fast and contact your Just Energy provider as soon as you think you may have been affected. You can easily contact your Just Energy provider by phone or online, or via mail. You may be entitled to a full refund, depending on the company’s policy, and if you have fully read the terms of the contract you signed with Just Energy. There is a lot of information available about this case on the Internet, including lots of photos from the actual manufacturing plant.

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