Centex Homes Class Action Lawsuit

Centex Homes Class Action Lawsuit

You have probably seen the Centex Homes Class Action Lawsuit. If you are not familiar with it, Centex Homes is a real estate company that is responsible for misinforming people about their homes. The company will not only attempt to fool buyers into buying a home that they cannot afford, but Centex will go out of their way to make sure that homeowners who try to get the money that they need do not know that they are not actually qualified to buy the home that they are being told is on the market. Many people are killed in this process, and hundreds if not thousands of homes go into foreclosure. The company does not want any of the responsibility placed on them.

The Centex Homes Class Action Lawsuit involves a number of deaths.

One man who was severely injured after he fell asleep at the wheel of his car was not given medical attention. Despite the lack of medical attention, his family had to pay additional expenses because they could not afford to hire an attorney to fight the case. Another man died in the care of Centex while he was sleeping.

This type of case has been labeled as a Class Action Lawsuit.

It means that there is a bunch of people filing suits on behalf of everyone who has died as a result of negligence on the part of Centex Homes. This case was filed by the Raintiff against Centex, their contractors, and others associated with the development of the projects. The builders are named, but not all are involved. It is also worth noting that the building site workers have health concerns that they must be able to attend to while working on the project.

There is one plaintiff who is willing to testify on behalf of the victims, and that is Ronald Tuffie. Mr. Tuffie lost his wife of thirty-five years, Leona, when he was driving across the George Washington Bridge to New Jersey to visit her on New Year’s Eve of last year. His family was living in a hotel on the New Jersey side, when the explosion occurred.

This tragic event changed Mr. Tuffie’s life.

He now works with a home inspection company, helping homeowners who wish to sell their homes, but do not want to be saddled with a Centex Homes Class Action Lawsuit. One of the reasons that the Raintiff feels so compelled to file a class action lawsuit is because of the “shocking” event that took place at Centex Homes. The building site crew did not use any devices to detect whether there were problems with the foundation or electrical systems before the home was built.

In addition to these obvious neglects, another reason that the Raintiff feels compelled to sue is because of the “deadly” fumes that were released from the HVAC system.

This is extremely important, especially considering that the HVAC system is considered one of the leading causes of indoor air pollution in the nation. This is also an important consideration for those that are considering purchasing homes being built by Centex Homes. It is best to avoid any home that contains this type of system, as it can cause health problems down the road.

A Centex Homes Class Action Lawsuit could provide much needed assistance to those suffering with various health conditions such as asthma and allergies.

If you have been diagnosed with either of these conditions, then it is very likely that you will suffer needlessly in the future if you live in a home that has been built using shoddy workmanship. A Centex Homes Class Action Lawsuit could potentially provide financial assistance to those that suffered needlessly from these respiratory conditions.

A Centex Homes Class Action Lawsuit may not prove to be financially beneficial to all those that have been afflicted, but it may prove to be extremely helpful to many. The lawsuits filed by the Raintiffs in the Class Action Lawsuit may also force the builders to take better care of the foundation and electrical systems of their future homes. These steps could ultimately save homeowners the time, money and even pain in having to repair foundations and electrical systems that are no longer up to current standards. A Centex Homes Class Action Lawsuit could also force the builders to make a greater effort to protect the general public’s health and well-being by providing safe and effective construction materials.

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