Attorneys in Fayetteville GA

Attorneys in Fayetteville GA

If you are looking for an attorney in Fayetteville GA, you’ve come to the right place. We’ve put together a list of the best attorneys in this area, from Carlos Colon-Machargo to Anitra R. Price. Check out each of their bios to learn more about their experience and qualifications. Then, read on for a brief description of each. They can assist you in any legal situation you might encounter.

Anitra R. Price

Anitra R. Price attorneys in Fayetteville, Georgia, provide a wide range of legal services in the fields of personal injury, family law, and criminal defense. Their attorneys have extensive legal experience in each field and never use paralegals to assist clients. In addition to offering legal advice, the firm offers helpful resources about personal injury law. The firm’s website features articles and forums for its clients and contains links to the state’s Bar Association.

The website of Anitra R. Price attorneys in Fayetteville, Georgia does not include promotional videos. While the firm’s website does feature some helpful articles and videos, it does not feature any promotional videos. It offers Georgia criminal defense courses, legal ethics tutorials, and video reviews of attorneys in the area. To make an informed decision, compare the quality of each attorney’s work and their fees.

Carlos Colon-Machargo

A certified public accountant and a bilingual attorney, Carlos Colon-Machargo has been practicing law for over 20 years. He specializes in employment law, business transactions, estate planning, and insurance law. He has worked for numerous companies and individuals and has extensive experience in these fields. Colon-Machargo received his Master of Laws from Georgetown University Law Center and is a member of the American Bar Association.

The firm is comprised of attorneys with various areas of expertise. Carlos Colon-Machargo has experience representing individuals and businesses in a range of litigation matters. He also has extensive knowledge of Latin American labor laws. The firm he works for has many satisfied clients. Its lawyers are available on the website and have competitive rates. You can hire an attorney for your business or individual needs after reviewing their reviews and credentials.

Jarrett Silver

As a corporate attorney and USPTO Registered Patent Attorney, Jarrett Silver represents a variety of Georgia and national clients. He holds degrees in engineering and law from Cornell University and earned his MBA from Emory University. His practice includes everything from business formation to patent litigation. In addition, he has extensive experience in multinational corporations and is an excellent choice for clients looking to expand their legal expertise.

Mr. Silver has worked in an in-house legal department where he struggled with law firm norms. In-house counsel does not care about whether the outside lawyers take too much time, or if they provide quality answers within the timeframe. Despite this, Mr. Silver found himself struggling to explain the importance of clarity to clients. In addition, he felt uncomfortable billing clients more than they expected for legitimate extra work.

Melissa Sanford

If you are looking for an attorney in Fayetteville, Georgia, you should consider hiring the services of Melissa Sanford. This lawyer has a history of helping clients in criminal defense and family law matters and has extensive experience in these areas. To ensure you’re getting the best possible representation, ask her about her fee schedule and how she treats her clients. Also, you should consider her reputation in the community.

Before starting her practice, Melissa Sanford obtained her BA in Political Science from Columbia University. She then attended Villanova University School of Law, where she earned her law degree. After graduating, she served as an Assistant District Attorney in Hall County. She then worked as an associate attorney at several firms before opening her firm, Melissa Sanford attorneys in Fayetteville, Georgia. She focuses on criminal defense and family law and is available for consultations and case evaluations.

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