5 Reasons a Car Accident Insurance Claim Might Be Denied

5 Reasons a Car Accident Insurance Claim Might Be Denied

Were you in a car accident?

Car accidents occur everywhere and can happen to anyone. It’s a terrible experience, and you’re entitled to compensatory payments since you might not be at fault. But what if your claim for car accident insurance gets denied?

When this happens, you’re not alone. Because accidents occur unexpectedly, it can happen even to the best drivers. Still, there is a list of reasons why this might happen, and assuring you it’s not permanent.

Here’s what you need to know about car accident insurance claim denial.

Driver Error

If the insurance company can prove the driver is an unlicensed driver and was at fault for the accident, they will deny the claim. This can include things like speeding, following too closely, or even distracted driving.

This can be difficult to prove, so it is important to fully cooperate with your car accident lawyer. It’s also important to gather all the evidence before making a claim. Witnesses, police reports, and medical records can all help to show that the driver was not at fault.

Faulty Equipment

Your insurance claim may be rejected if malfunctioning machinery was to blame for the car collision. Suppose, for instance, that your brakes failed, and you collided with another car. Your insurance company can argue that you neglected to maintain your brakes, not that they weren’t working, and that this was what led to the accident.

Similarly, if your car was in an accident because of a blown tire. Your insurance company might deny your claim if they can prove the tire was not inflated, or that you failed to replace it when it was worn out.

Lack of Documentation

A key component to any car accident insurance claim is a complete set of documentation. If you’re missing key documentation like a police report or medical records. It’ll be difficult to prove that the accident happened and that you were injured.

In order to have a successful claim. It is important to have all the documentation to prove that the accident occurred and that it was not your fault. Without this documentation, the insurance company may deny your claim.

Unsafe Driving Conditions

If you are in an accident and it’s determined that unsafe driving conditions were the cause, such as weather or road conditions, your car accident insurance claim might be denied. This is because the insurance company will argue that you were not taking enough precautions to avoid the accident.

This accident was avoidable if you drove defensively and were aware of the surrounding conditions. If you’re involved in an accident, be sure to document the conditions so that you can show the insurance company that you were not at fault.

Car Accident Insurance Claim Tips

Overall, car accident insurance claims are being declined for many reasons. These reasons include failure to file a timely claim, providing false information on the claim form, or engaging in risky behavior that led to the accident.

If you’re involved in a car accident, be sure to speak with an experienced attorney to ensure that your claim is properly filed and that you have the best chance of recovering the compensation you deserve.

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